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This page is created just for you. All of you who wish to promote your blogs may do so. I shall provide a link to your blogs/link to any article in your blog –  for free.

So feel free to approach me if you have any blog which relates to the topic of beauty/fashion and the like.


1.  Leah Stone Join ‘s blog 

She is just a 19 year old join her on a journey to being happy, sexy and healthy while fighting fibromyalgia.  She writes:

“Don’t give up on the goals you have set for yourself. We are masters of our own destiny and we choose how we live! Stay posted to my blog for more inspiration, exercises, and healthy recipes to make this month of July as productive as possible! Let me know if there is anything specific you’d like me to cover, and I absolutely will! ”

Check out her blog to read more.. Thanks friends!


Winnie2. Join Winnie THE fashionista.  ‘s blog

She loves fashion,photography,travel,different cuisines..the finer things in life. She writes:

“I’ll be doing more beauty-related posts from time to time just to change things up.Today,I also introduce you to my other lipsticks,Sleek and Flormar.I’m looking to expand my lipstick collection of course.As you can see below,all my lipsticks are bold shades,I’m planning to have more toned-down and subtle hues like nudes,peaches and browns.”

Check out her blog to read more.. Thanks friends!


Tegan3. Join Little Sweet and Sour  ‘s blog

She is a  teen trying to find her place in life. This blog is about her thoughts, friends, school, fashion ideas/tips, beauty tips. She writes:

“Well today I have a little clothing haul for you. It is all from Kmart and if you don’t know what Kmart is, well it is like Target or I think like Wall Mart (in America) I have heard. But they have really cheap clothing there not the best clothes nor the best quality. I originally went there to get some plain white long and 3/4 sleeved tops, but they didn’t have any. Normally I would have just have left, but my sister was there and she wanted to look around so did as well. And guess what I kind of found some things I really liked, and well for great prices.”

Check out what she found and how you could use her tips.. Thanks friends!


jullieanne4. Join ‘s blog

She is Jullieanne (Leanne) Matheson from Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada. She had numerous setbacks in her life that severely impacted her children, health, career, and finances. She continued to create numerous websites and did some Internet marketing while raising the children, and, fighting (and winning) her battle with cancer. It wasn’t until the kids were
older that she was able to explore her options… In her latest article, she writes:

“In the patented, hand-held device (by Nu Skin), the exact same galvanic technology is used but with a surprising better-than-spa result. The skin care secret is the ageLOC technology used which promises to reduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles in addition to the benefits mentioned above. Does it work? Yes. ageLOC is now a Billion dollar brand world-wide!”

Check out her videos and knowledge and guidelines on anti-aging, and be inspired by her articles. Thanks friends!


Feel free to email me your details if you wish to promote your blog for free at

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