Easy Make-Up Tricks

Easy Make-Up Tricks To Hide The Signs Of Aging:

Everybody grows old. But, aging doesn’t mean you should give up on yourself (not look good). It should mean staying fit, working out, using skin care products regularly, watching your diet and living a balanced life. True beauty is a combination of looking your best on the outside and feeling on top inside. Make-up can help you look and feel younger. As the skin ages, you have to take better care of it and ensure that you apply make-up the right way. Otherwise it may end up adding years to your face. Here let me share some basic make-up techniques that will help you deal with signs of aging on your face, better:

Makeup Foundation

Puffy Eyes:The eyes and the skin around them are often the first areas of the face to start showing age because they are so delicate. Make a habit of using an eye cream every day – it reduces swelling and darkness in the under-eye area and also smoothes the skin. Some good brands: L’Oreal, The Body Shop.

Wrinkles And Lines:Of course, nothing works better than a well-applied foundation. But it is important to apply a primer beforehand. That’s because it evens out the texture of the skin and gives a smooth canvas on which to use make-up. Use Clarin’s Instant Smooth primer to glide over lines and wrinkles. It contains silicone that helps the product slip onto the skin smoothly. The next step is applying foundation. Choose a brand that matches your skin tone, so that the product blends with your skin. Compared to powder, liquid or cream foundations suit older women better. Powders often dry up the skin and accentuate the lines by settling into them. Tip: Opt for creamy formulations – be it foundation, rouge or lipstick.

Mature Makeup

Age Spots, Dark Circles:A good concealer will take care of these signs. Remember, the concealer should be a shade or two darker than your foundation. Maybelline, Chambor and L’Oreal Paris have excellent pan-stick foundations which can double up as concealers.

Dullness Of The Skin:A blusher is your answer. Use a cream blusher to create a soft look. Apply it on the apples of the cheeks and sweep it upwards towards the temples. Maybelline has a mousse blush which literally diffuses into the skin, giving a lovely tint.

Sparse Eyebrows:Eyebrows change as we age and become sparse. Not a problem. Buy a matte, dark brown eye-shadow. Using an eye-shadow brush fill it in the bare spots. Or you can use a dark brown eyebrow pencil with a light feathery stroke to fill in the gaps. Use a brown mascara to hide the greys.

Mature Woman Makeup

Prominent Jowls:To reduce the appearance of jowls (the lines from the edge of the nose to the corner of the mouth) apply a light beige concealer carefully and blend it well into the skin.

A Double Chin: Here’s where a powder can help you. Take a matte powder which is slightly darker than your natural skin tone and apply it under your chin. You could try powders by Chambor. Applying powder creates the effect of a shadow, making the double chin less prominent.

Aging Lips:As we age, lips tend to have a lot of lines running out from the edges. Before applying a lipstick, apply a moisturizing lip balm from The Body Shop or Oriflame. Avoid using Vaseline as it makes the lipstick slide off the lips.

Mature Makeup

Use make-up to accentuate your positive qualities. Don’t just focus on covering lines and wrinkles. Let the beautiful you emerge!

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