Knotty Ways To Wear A Scarf

Different Types Of Scarves And Ways To Wear A Scarf:

A scarf is not simply a scarf. It is a belt, a cap, a bow, and a bandana. Anywhere you want to add a dash of color, just tie a knot. It is easy to wear, looks chic and notches up your style meter. A scarf is the sizzling accessory of the season. You can add spunk to any situation – a night out with friends, an important meeting or a picnic with family. Also, to hide a tear, to camouflage a bad-hair day or to simply add some spice to your look. The market is flooded with colorful scarves in slinky chiffon, chic silks and warm crochets in different sizes. Choose according to the look you want. Here are some strong trends for the season:

Scarf Fashion

Animal Prints:These are straight off the European catwalks. A strong look for the fashion-savvy, prints of animal skins, animal sketches, patches, etc are combined with floral prints and bright / neutral colors like pink, peach, off-white. Ideal to bring life to that worn-many-times office outfit or a monotonous formal dress.

Like A Painting:Modern art, spurts of colors on the canvas. The print is abstract with a color medley to brighten up. An elegant way to add some color in your outfit. Add to an earthy suit for a meeting or on a red halter for oomph.Scarf Neck

Black Or White:Stark and bare. Black and white printed scarves can look good with a single-colored outfit. For a sophisticated formal look, add white pearls.

Geometric And Optical: lines, circles, psychedelic prints, bright, in-your-face 1960s prints are hot! Colorful lines and polka dots are the classic faves. But the bold can experiment with neon colors in abstract Pucci – like or Picasso – style looks. Very groovy!

Scarf NeckpieceScarf Wrist

Where And How To Wear?

On The Neck:
Martini Girl: A small scarf tied with a side knot. Let it fall on the collarbone
Prim: Single knot as a tie with short ends.
Edwardian: Double knot in front or on the side. Tie the knot as you would tie a shoelace.
Back To Back: Bang opposite to a cravat, this one is to emphasize the back. Take a huge scarf and fold it into a triangle. Tie the knot loosely over the front with the triangle at the back.
Chic Format: Take the scarf and fold it into a triangle and tie a knot at the nape of the neck. Let the fabric fall loose into cowls. Now wear this under a collared shirt.

Scarf Fashion Hair

On The Head:
Peasant Girl: Try this innocent look with a scarf folded into a triangle. Take the scarf over the head and tie it behind. Let the tip loose over the knot.
Bandana Style: Fold the scarf into a triangle and tie it over the head. Tuck the loose end inside the knot. Wear with beads and bangles for extra spunk.
School Band: Fold the scarf into a long rectangle and tie it like a hair band. Take out a hair lock casually on the face for a cutie pie look.
Bow Wow: Make a cute bow knot in the school band look and bring it to the side.
Audrey Chic: Tie a triangle scarf under the chin. The scarf should show about 3 cm of hair above the forehead. Add a huge pair of sunglasses for the Audrey Hepburn effect. This could be a good retro look.
Sporty Gal: Fold a colorful scarf (twice of thrice) and wrap it around a high ponytail.

Scarf Head

Waist, Calf And Wrist:
Wrist Wrap: Tie a single knot scarf or a bow scarf on the wrist. It’s different and looks funky!
Casual Gal: For a street casual look, tie a small scarf on your calf.
Belt Bomb: For a hot look, belt the scarf around your waist. You can simply replace the belt, or add on the scarf. You can also tie the scarf on the belt hook as a flirty add on.

Scarf As A Belt

Other Ways:
Bag Style: You can tie an animal print scarf to a single-colored leather handbag as an add-on.
Intertwined Neck piece: Jewelled intertwined scarves are available or you can make one yourself at home by braiding 2-3 scarves together. These can be best worn as neck pieces and add brightness to any outfit.
Just Hang It: Attach a big bead or crystal bead to the center of the scarf and just hand it around the neck and loose behind on your back. Goes well with strapless dresses.Sash Scarves
Shoulder Sash: Use single-colored crushed chiffon long scarves as a pleated shoulder sash fixing it with your belt. Wear with contrasting colored dresses.

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  1. Love my scarves! Thank you for the How-To! I always wear a light, scarf over my hair when I go boating! I just never knew how to properly tie it on! 🙂

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