Get Set For A Glittering Date

Preparing For A Glittering Date:

It is your special date with your partner/fiancé/boyfriend. The best thing you can do for yourself is to look great for your partner. The idea is to give yourself a total makeover from head to toe that will keep his eyes glued to you all day and thereafter. Here are some tips to guide you to add an extra sheen to your personality:

Glittering Date

Get A Massage: Studies show that massage can increase circulation, help heal tiny muscle tears, boost the body’s immune system, and reduce stress. It will get you in good shape for the season and night out.

Try A New Hairstyle:Getting your hair in good shape before the D-day will do you a lot of good. There are lots of trendy styles these days from braids to weave- choose a style that’s ideal for the evening. You can also add a bronze effect to your crowning glory to spice up your look.

Facial Treatments

Go For A Good Facial: Spoil yourself with a facial and pedicure. Indulge in some bath products that will make you feel luminous from head to toe and soothe yourself with gentle exfoliating scrubs. Get that desired glow for the special day.

Get A Sultry Make-up Look: Gold, bronze and fiery skin tones can ensure that hot look for you for the special day. To rock the night dust on fairy glitter, add a brush of bronze or base gold to your eyes. Use a blush with some shine to lift up those cheekbones. Pink glossy lip balm or juicy tubes could work wonders for your lips. A hint of rose blush and some mascara will have you looking fresh.

Sultry Look

Dress To Kill: Fascinate him in casual, comfortable fabrics and dramatic silhouettes. If you don’t have one, go get yourself a classic top, preferably a red sequined neck deep top that will be ideal for the outing. A smart out of the ordinary trouser made to suit your sequined top as well as highlight your curves will make the difference. Pair with the right stiletto heel sandals, with a bit of embellishment for that glam look.


Ideal Accessories:

  • Your purse too should make a statement. Remember it’s a special day, for just the two of you. The right bag for this day would be a clutch or small beaded bag, or one with any form of embellishment. It has to be something dramatic.
  • Do not forget to accentuate your beauty with a piece of dangling, sparkling jewelry. From bronze, diamonds, silver to gold – make sure you wear one that will catch your partner’s attention.

Perfume For A Date

  • Top your look with an enchanting perfume, that will leave you smelling fresh and sweet.

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