Choose A Swimsuit That Flatters Your Body Shape

How To Choose The Perfect Swimsuit?

Look smashing in an attractive swimsuit that flatters your body shape. Not all of us are gifted with perfect hourglass figures. Yet, we can all look stunning in that perfect swimsuit, if it suits our figure. Here is a detailed guide on how to choose a swimsuit that is best for you.


Diamond Shape Figure: Slim shoulders, big midriff, narrow hips.
Wear: Solid colors or an all-over print. Detailing on the neck or sides will draw attention away from the waist. High cut bottoms will accentuate your legs.
Avoid: Bold patterns on the waist.

Inverted Triangle Shape Figure: Broad shoulders, narrow hips.
Wear: A halter neck swimsuit that provides adequate support and shows off your cleavage. Boy shorts and colorful bottoms in bold prints will enhance your hips.
Avoid: Strapless and bandeau tops.


Boyish Figure: Slender athletic body, no curves.
Wear: Pretty, Feminine prints. One piece suits that have contrasting colors on the sides or costumes with high cut bottoms will lend curves to your straight figure. Bikinis are a good option for you.
Avoid: Bandeau tops and boy shorts.

Apple Shape Figure: Heavy bust, big midriff and large hips.
Wear: Dark colored swimsuits in stretch fabrics like Lycra – they are remarkably slimming if you are determined to look good in a two-piece suit, pick a tankini as it is chic, yet covers up all the belly bulges.
Avoid: An itsy bikini and over-sized prints.


Hour Glass Figure: Perfect Curves
Wear:Just about anything! With your perfect shape you can opt for bright colors and bold prints. A figure-hugging one-piece, a skimpy bikini or a halter neck will make heads turn!
Avoid: Tops that don’t give proper support and ill-fitting swimsuits.

Pear Shape Figure: Small bust, large hips.
Wear: A one-piece swimsuit with a low neckline, or a bandeau bikini with some detailing on the sides will draw attention away from your hips. Look for some padding or under-wire to fill out the top.
Avoid: Boy shorts or suits with high-cut bottoms.


5 responses to “Choose A Swimsuit That Flatters Your Body Shape

  1. I have a black one piece that I just couldn’t live without. I am beyond the two piece, *Thanks son. 😉 * But the suit fits great and hides what I want hidden without feeling like I am in a swim mu mu.

    Great read, and very informative. Will come back here when my old suit finally gives out!

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