How High Can You Go?

High Heels Complete Guide And Tips:

Of course high heels are sublime, but a mere glance at them through the shop windows, with their iridescent platforms and their Eiffel tower design, is enough to cause vertigo. And aren’t heels against nature? Yes chorus doctors. And those who rush about all day know it: ideal height is 4 cm. At 9 cm, one runs the real risks of collapse of the arch of the foot and lumbar aches. In hindsight, a bit of a heel muscles the leg; indeed it is advisable if you are prone to Achilles heel tendinitis.

High Heels

Climbing On Board: Before you take the leap, follow these instructions-

  • Alternate the heights: 8 cm, yes, but not everyday.
  • Choose suede: Less rigid than gloss, as well as rounded tips, are far more comfortable.
  • Dump the pair that hurt you the moment you tried them on in a boutique. Those should stay in the rack!
  • Do not redo the soles too soon, it stiffens them. Better to wait for them to settle down on their own.
  • Choose your ideal heels for we all have a different foot. And preferably at a real shoemaker such as Ferragamo or dance specialist Andre Repetto, alive to the needs of the upmarket clients whilst preserving the suppleness of the leather. Certain brands like Aerosoles, specialists is comfort-wear (thanks to a patented procedure of honeycombed pads), have drastically improved their style and follow trends very closely.
  • Adopt sandals in winter which compress less than heels.

Length of heel

  • Beyond 10 cm without pads, the arch becomes unsupportable and a major health risk. If you just cannot resist, ask a good cobbler to remove 1 cm.
  • Dust your soles with talc to avoid overheating.
  • Wear soles from Scholl’s or other respectable brands. Transparent, self-fixings, anti-slip and reusable, they prevent pains at the sole level.. Walk all day, dance all night!
  • Always carry in your bag a pair of pumps, like those New York women, the first to dare wearing sneakers with their suits while going to office.

Suede Heels

Which Heels Should You Choose?Which heels should you choose to make heads turn….. in short, to have the dramatic allure of Nicole Kidman?

  • Pencil Heels: The eternal feminine is not without risk. It quickly verges towards the kitschy. Also take care not to place your feet any which place: they dig into lawns and get stuck in the metro airing-grills.
  • Square: Comfortable, stable and thus easy to wear, these heels really have it all.
  • Wedge: Thanks to them, one can scale summits without breaking the foot. Still take care not to sprain your ankle. And keep a certain arch to avoid the orthopedic look. Avoid platform-heeled boots, they weight down the silhouette; choose boots instead. But watch out for the weight of the shoe; a wooden sole is heavier and more rigid than a rubber sole.
  • Platform: The pad eases the arch and the separate heel lightens the whole.
  • Jewelled: Showy, embroidered, painted….take your pick. They all add sophistication and sparkle to your walk.


How Do You Wear Them?

  • Do not be afraid of buying flashy shoes. In the evening, they simplify your job by ‘doing up’ your outfit.
  • The more sophisticated the shoe, the more sober the outfit should be: black dress and silver shoes go well together.
  • The legging allows you to wear open heels without feeling cold.
  • With jeans, you can afford to do pretty much anything, but beware of a slim fit with pencil heels: even if this is a strong winter trend, it can easily look cheap.


  • In trousers, the heavier the shoe, the more visible the ankle should be.
  • In a mini, do not venture into heels unless you are young and ultra-fashionable.
  • In a skirt, knees are not very trendy. Try showing a bit more than knee. Short-heeled court shoes make for a heavy silhouette. Choose pumps. All you skinny ones, forget wedge heels with a skirt if you don’t want to look like a cotton bud!

Heels With Harem Pants

5 responses to “How High Can You Go?

  1. WOW .. so many great pointers. I’ve definitely broken some rules here, however, I love your suggestion of sophisticated shoes, being paired with sober outfits. Thanx for sharing your heel wisdom.

    XOXO Nensi

  2. So many valuable tips. The bars around when I go are on a cobblestone street, so if anything I wear my wedges out: very high, but stable enough for the racks and comfy to dance in.

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