10 Hues For You

Include These For A Colorful Wardrobe:

Pink isn’t the only color in the universe! Let me show you how to include these of-the-moment shades in some sphere of your life.

Little Black Dress

Find The Perfect Little Black Dress: If there’s one thing in your wardrobe that you must have, it’s the LBD. There’s nothing that quite ups the glam ante like the classic, no fuss sheath in rich, figure-flattering black. The best part is that it looks good on almost everyone. Just find the size and style that suits you best.

Bring Out The Silver: You could mix and match your outfit with sterling silver jewelry. Also mix and match jewelry are glowing in popularity. For example, you could pair your ruby gemstone stud earrings with sterling silver bracelets to make a fresh fashion statement. Silver is glowing in popularity, as designers are updating traditional silver jewelry with unique finishes producing hard-to-resist jewelry designs.

Yellow RingSplurge On A Big Fat Yellow Ring: Love this happy shade? Capture a ray of sunshine in a chunky golden yellow citrine cocktail ring and feel blissfully bling-y whenever you look at it! Find a transparent stone that’s flawless. Citrines are affordable, but natural ones are rare and more expensive.

Freshen Up With Minty Green:Minty Green is the coolest color that is trending. Nevertheless, a favorite green shade of chiffon gathered dress, tunic, a top or a pair of minty shorts is very desirable. In summer icy green will keep you cool, while a minty green knitted dress is great for the cooler season.

ck One Summer

Smell All Fresh And Orange-y:Nothing beats the sharp tang of a citrusy perfume to perk up and get you ready for the day. Spritz on a fragrance that has notes of oranges and orange blossoms. We love CK One Summer, L’Occitane‘s refreshing Feu d’Orange and Ralph Lauren‘s romantic Blue for Women. There are plenty more options. Take your pick.

Go For Glam Gold Stilettos: Stop slouching about in unflattering flats and get yourself a pair of strappy high-heeled sandals. Better posture, sexier gait, and oomph in an instant! Opt for a style that distributes your weight evenly.

Golden Heels

Feel Comfortable In A White Shirt: Make yourself comfortable by gifting yourself a cool, crisp white linen shirt that’s oh-so-comfortable and super-sexy to boot. Pair it with a pair of linen drawstring trousers. For a beach-y look, leave it open and wear a little camisole or Lycra top underneath.

Look Alluring In Red Lipstick:Never dared to venture out of the safety of peaches and nudes? Take a risk and dab on that red lipstick instead.

Teal Pop Blazer

Useful Teal Pop Blazer:Go for a different yet sophisticated teal blazer which is a trendy must have in your wardrobe and can be nicely mixed and matched with black, white, grey outfits.

Alluring Purple Special Dress:Purple is a very popular color especially stunning for a special day. Invest in a good-fitting, figure-enhancing purple dress to stand out and look alluring on your special day.

Purple Dress

Invest In Glamorous Brown: Invest in good brown belts, boots, stoles, bags, clutches which provide color to your neutral outfits and also up your glam quotient wherever you are.

There are many more colors that you could include in your wardrobe apart from the basic neutrals that you already possess. Just keep an eye out for pretty things and imagine how you can mix and match with your existing wardrobe.

11 responses to “10 Hues For You

  1. Very in-depth post. Great! I always wear a silver ring and a little black dress should be in every woman’s closet. The classics are classics for a reason.

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