Summer Makeup Looks

Great Summer Makeup Looks To Try:

Summer Look

Look 1: Swept Away
Get The Look: The mantra to follow in summer – less is more. Go in for an oil-free foundation, or use a tinted moisturizer for a healthy glow. Keep the look simple by opting to use a brown shadow on your lids and a light brown lipstick on your pout. Just dab on some clear gloss and you’re all set.
Hair Story: Gently curl the ends of your hair with tongs, then pull up your hair into a high ponytail. Take a few strands and wrap them over the rubber band and hold it in place with invisible pins.

Summer Look

Look 2: Natural Appeal
Get The Look: This look is super-fresh, so keep your makeup as minimal as possible. Just dust your face with compact powder. Use an eyeliner to make your eyes stand out. You can skip the shadow if you like, and definitely avoid using a blusher. Line your lips with a neutral-hued pencil and swipe on a nude gloss.
Hair Story: Blow-dry your hair straight using a broad paddle brush, then iron out the kinks. Throw your hair down and lift your head back up for some natural volume.

Summer Look

Look 3: Casual Chic
Get The Look: Pink is the perfect color to sport in the summer. Dust some blush on to your cheeks, apply a pink shadow on your lids and add just a hint of sparkle. Apply a dusty pink lipstick to your pout and finally swish on a sparkly pink gloss for some extra shine.
Hair Story: Pull your tresses back on to the top of your head and secure it with pins. Remember not to pull it flat, gently tousle the rest of your mane and tie it into a low ponytail.

Evening Summer Look

Look 4: Evening Glamor
Get The Look: Dust some bronzer on your cheeks and collarbones. Use a green shadow on your lids and also apply some under your eyes, then brush some mascara on to your lashes. The idea is to keep a balance and not go overboard, so keep your lips subtle by opting for a nude gloss.
Hair Story: Divide your hair into small sections and twist. Pull it back and secure with bobby pins. Then tie a braid and twist it into a low bun.


Safety In The Sun: Harsh sunrays can cause havoc to your skin. Make sure your sunscreen provides protection against both UVA  and UVB rays. It is also essential that you reapply it every two hours as it tends to melt away. You can reinforce the protection by using calamine lotion, or a foundation with SPF, or as mentioned in my last article, a BB cream with SPF. To minimize tanning, apply a mixture of one teaspoon of honey and lemon juice.

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  1. Oh my goodness do I need you and your tips! Sadly I’m allergic to chemicals and perfume, which cuts out most beauty products, but I’m very happy to read the tips and hints. And thank you for following my blog!

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