New Age Spa Indulgence

Newly Designed Spa Treatments:

Spa junkies rejoice. For your spa experience just rebooted and how! Hot stone massages, Thai and Swedish massages are yesterday’s news as spas are now offering novel treatment like the Lava shell and Rope massages. Spa menus are also rejuvenating with Thalassotherapy, Water bed therapy and even Salt cave therapy, So, what are all these newfangled treatments? It’s time you made that spa appointment. Spa guests look forward to new therapies and so spas must update themselves regularly. Many therapies are gaining ground because of the health benefits associated with them. Here’s a curtain raiser:

Spa Water Therapy

Water Bed Therapy:The therapy is administered on an ergonomically designed, hot water mattress placed in a room with computerized (and calming) colored lights. As you lie down on the bed, the heat from mattress has a relaxing effect on the muscles (on the side touching the bed) while the therapist gives you the massage – Balinese, Swedish or Lomi Lomi. As the therapist massages your body, a reverse pressure from the bed results in the body being massaged from both sides making the therapy doubly effective.
Benefits: Relieves muscle pains and arthritis while color therapy helps relax the mind.
Price: Approx $50-$55 (taxes extra) for 90 minutes. Might vary from country to country

Salt Room Therapy

Salt Room Therapy:This is a different kind of spa and the therapy has been inspired by The Salt Cave, a chain of ‘salt’ clinics across UK. This therapy is delivered in a special room using a patented, state-of-the-art device called Halo-generator. The Halo-generator in which the salt is fed according to the requirement of the client, turns salt into minute particles which are inhaled. These particles dissolve and attract small impurities from the lungs which are later coughed up or leave the body through metabolic processes.
Benefits: Respiratory illnesses benefit from this treatment
Price: $45-$50 per hour-long sitting approx. may vary from country to country.

Lava Stone Massage

Lava Shell Massage:This massage – offered by some spas – is based on heat therapy and is done using polished tiger-striped clam shells from Philippines. Discarded clam shells are collected, polished, glued shut and packaged. To heat the shells, Lava Gel – an US product which is a blend of natural minerals, dried sea kelp and algae – poured into the shell through a hole. To this, the Activator – an infusion of salt water and an essential oil – is added. The hole is then sealed. Heat is generated when the contents mix inside the shell. Massage with these heated shells helps push lymphatic fluids and toxic wastes out of the body. The Lava Gel comes in Comfort Blend Medium Heat for facial massages and Comfort Blend High Heat for full-body massages.
Benefits: The treatment relaxes the muscles and helps alleviate chronic stress.
Price: The hour-long Comfort Blend treatment is priced at $35-$40 while the 90-minute Deep Heat Blend costs $70-$75. Costs may vary from country to country.


Thalassotherapy: In Greek ‘thalassa’ means ‘sea; and this treatment uses ingredients right off the sea. Thalassotherapy can begin with a 30-minute, full-body polish with a scrub made up of jojoba beads, rosemary and sage. Exfoliation is followed by anti-stress seaweed bath which throws in ingredients like seaweed, algae extract and pine needle essential oil which are all rich in vitamins and amino acids. Pressurized water jets in the tub work on the body and that along with the goodness of the ingredients in the bath rejuvenate and re-energize the body.
Benefits: Thalassotherapy helps blood circulation, stimulates metabolism and promotes detoxification.
Price: a 45-minute session costs $65-$70. Costs may vary from country to country.

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