The Right Coordinates

Match Your Makeup With Your Outfits:

The first mantra to matching your clothes with your makeup is to follow your instinct. Your mind has a unique way of judging what is and what isn’t looking good on you. If that does not work for you, here are some thumb rules. For instance, lighter colors bring things forward and highlight your features, while darker colors recede and add depth to your face. You need to choose your make-up carefully. Simply buying the most expensive product is no guarantee of success. It may not be suitable for your skin type. The clothes dictate the colors to be used and those to be avoided. This is how:

Red Outfit

Bright Outfits: Radiant In Reds

  • If you’re wearing orange, red or magenta, go for a neutral eye-shadow on the lids. You won’t go wrong with shades of taupe, honey, plum, beige or brown. The lip color should not clash with your clothes and blush.
  • A red dress with golden embellishments would call for golden hues on your eyelids. You can’t go wrong with a reddish-brown eye liner around the lash line. Use a lighter shade under the brow bone like Vex Eye Shadow by MAC. It is absolutely okay to wear a red lipstick with a red outfit.
  • If you are wearing an orange number, try ivy shadow on the lids and a darker shadow like Copper by L’Oreal Paris, or a shade of brown on the outer corners of the eye. Then, use a black eye liner and mascara.

Light Outfits: The Snowflake Touch

  • Dark kohl-rimmed eyes and a touch of neutral gloss will go very well with light colors.
  • Dark colors add depth and intensity. Light colors add softness and glow.

Black Outfit

Black Outfits: The Color Of Midnight

  • Our black numbers come out when we are off to the club or to a very formal occasion. That’s an outfit that permits an eye shadow. It need not be black!
  • Lining your eyes with black kohl and smudging them with a charcoal shadow will also work with a black ensemble.

Green Outfits: The Color Of Prosperity

  • A deep-brown lipstick will look good with a green number. A neutral shadow on the eyes, such as a champagne shadow by Lakme, lined with matching green kohl or liquid liner, looks stunning.
  • Let me share with you one trick that will make you stand out in a crowd: Gently swipe a white or vanilla highlighter with a green eye shadow.
  • In addition, if you want to use a blusher on your cheeks, go for a peach. Style by MAC has that ‘right’ peach tint that makes the green preen.

Pink Outfit

Pink Outfits: Pretty Barbie

  • Since pink is a favorite with most, it deserves a special mention. Lipsticks in shades of pink and lavender look good with pink outfits.
  • Your cheeks should have a touch of lilac.
  • Use a blue eye shadow to strike up a healthy contrast with your dress.
  • For those who want to go slow with color in makeup, I would suggest you stick to peachy pinks for a soft Barbie look.

Yellow Or Brown Outfits: Sunshine And Earth

  • Golden eye shadow or a deep brown lipstick with a hint of orange will work wonders with a brown outfit. Reach out for a peach blush.
  • Rich brown lipstick will work wonders with a yellow outfit.Yellow Outfit

Makeup is all about the right choice of color. It will fall into place with patience and practice. No matter what color your outfit is, if you don’t feel right about putting those matching colors on your face, then settle for neutral colors on the lips and smoke up the eyes with a shimmering grey-black shadow. Strike a balance between your lips and eyes, when your lip color is strong, keep your eye makeup subtle. For instance pair your red lipstick with fresh clean skin and a neutral eye area. You can’t really rival it for that chic look!

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