Which Color Suits You?

Choose The Right Color And Look Your Best:

Stand in front of any beauty counter and you’ll see there are hundreds of eye, lip and nail colors to choose from. Which you pick can make a massive difference – a shade that’s wrong for you can make you look pale and washed out; on mature skins it can highlight wrinkles and age you by 10 years. Knowing how to choose the right hues for you is vital to helping yourself look your best.

The good news is you can wear pretty much any color you want, so long as you pick the right shade. To do this you need to know two things:

  • The first is your hair color (the one you have now rather than the one one you were born with). This shows you the depth or brightness of shade that will flatter you best – the lighter your hair, the lighter the shade that will suit you and vice versa.
  • The second is your skin tone. This helps reveal what shades of a color will suit you best. To determine your skin tone, look at the inside of your wrist, while holding it over a piece of white paper. Is the skin a shade of white, pink, blue or grey (which means you have a cool skin and need cool shades); or yellow or brown (which means you have a warm skin tone and need warm shades)?

To find your perfect colors, just look up your hair and skin tone combination in the pages that follow.

Hair Skin Color

Blonde Or Light Brown Hair Cool Skin:The worst thing any cool-skinned blonde can do is wear warm yellows and oranges. Instead you should base your look on cool, icy tones – particularly those with blue or pink undertones, as these are colors found in your skin and will therefore flatter you best. But be careful – too many light shades on your face in one go can make you look washed out. Ensure your look has a focus, be it a darker shadow or noticeable lipstick. If you do want to wear pastel eyes and nude lips, apply lots of mascara. Finally your big make-up mistake is wearing too much heavy blush no darker than rosy pink, so going any deeper than this will look unnatural.
Like: Gwyneth Paltrow, Claudia Schiffer
Your Best Eye Colors: Slate greys, sky or icy blues, lilacs and plums; navy or grey mascara can also look better than black.
Your Best Blush: Sugary or rose pink
Your Best Lipsticks: Sugary pinks, lilacs, heathers or pinky browns.

Blonde Or Light Brown Hair Warm Skin: Your skin has gold or yellow undertones, so the most flattering colors for you contain these shades – bluey pinks or purple will make you look pale and washed out and will enhance any dark circles under your eyes. Lighter shades work best with your fairer hair and your should avoid any look that involves dark, heavy eyes and lips. You should also be careful with blush – if it’s too heavy it will make your skin look paler and you older. To really light up your face, apply a little blush or bronzer to the apples of your cheeks and also the tip of your nose and chin, as this will enhance your warm coloring.
Like: Jennifer Aniston, Geri Halliwell
Your Best Eye Colors: Warm browns, shimmery golds and greens, pale yellows or peaches.
Your Best Blush: Apricot or tawny brown.
Your Best Lipsticks: Golden brown, corals, peachy pinks or bronzes;

Red Hair Pale Skin

Red Hair Pale Skin: The main rule with redheads and make-up is the simpler the better. Keep eye-shadows to one shade, define your brows (a must for redheads) and tint your lips and you’re ready to go. Green or brown based eye shades look great on your, but your skin tone can often be very pink, which means heathery pinks and plums will also suit you. Many redheads have high color in their cheeks, so only use blush if you feel you really need it. Finally, if there’s one shade every redhead should own it’s a bright orangey red lipstick – with soft brown or green eyeshadow, it can look amazing. Like blondes, you should steer clear of black mascara, which looks unnatural. Choose brown instead, and never go without it – redheads’ eyelashes are often very pale and need that hint of color.
Like: Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore
Your Best Eye Colors: Peach, orange, khaki, light green and bronze.
Your Best Blush: If you must wear it, tawny pinks or light apricots.
Your Best Lipsticks: Orangey reds, heathery pinks, terracotta browns or apricots;

Dark Hair Pale Skin: The strong contrast between your hair and skin means that dramatic make-up suits you best. If there’s one coloring that can really carry off both dark eyes and strong lips, it’s yours. In fact, you break all the rules. While the shades in your skin tone (normally pink, ivories and blues) will look good, contrast looks even better – particularly in the evening, when cool-toned, dark smoky eyes (slate greys or bitter chocolate browns) and bright fuchsia or crimson lips will create the ultimate sophisticated look. Whatever you do, make sure you keep your blusher pale pink – sugary or rose tones are the most flattering. And don’t forget lashes and brows – they are vital to frame striking looks.
Like: Anjelica Huston, Courteney Cox
Your Best Eye Colors: Cool grey, black, ivory, silver and rich plum.
Your Best Blush: Sugary or rose pink
Your Best Lipsticks: Fuchsia pinks, crimson reds, deep plums or mauves.

Dark Hair Warm Skin

Dark Hair Warm Skin: Nothing looks better on dark, olive coloring than deep shades of warm colors. Again, look hard at your skin and you’ll see tones of olive green, ochre, russets, chocolate browns and earthy reds – which is why you should be choosing these in all your make-up. They’ll just give your face a glow and a permanently sun-kissed look. For blush, tawny shades will suit you day to day, but buy a warm pink for when your feel tired. Fatigue can make olive skins look sallow; the pink counteracts this and brings your skin back to its normal shade. Pinks and blues are a no-no for you – as your skin is more yellow than caramel, they will make you look washed out.
Like: Jennifer Lopez, Cindy Crawford.
Your Best Eye Colors: Olive green, rust, beige, chocolate browns, earthy reds and oranges.
Your Best Blush: Tawny browns or apricots – and a brightening pink for sleepy skin.
Your Best Lipsticks: Rusts, raisins, warm chocolate brown or orangey reds.

Light Black Skin Dark Hair: Despite the darker pigmentation of your skin, you’re often more cool=complexioned than warm. Many light black skins have an ashy tone, which means you’ll see grey, beige and bone tints when you look at your wrist. Avoid the bright primary shades that are often recommended for black skin, as they’ll overpower your creamy complexion, and go for intense pastel shades or dramatic contrast. Wear these with very natural lips to balance your face. If you don’t want to use color, dark eye and pale lip combinations look amazing on you. Some pale black skins do have warm tones. In this case, follow the advice given in the next category for colors, but use paler, pastel versions of them – and remember the less-is-more rule.
Like: Halle Berry , Tyra Banks
Your Best Eye Colors: Charcoal greys, bitter chocolate browns, pale pinks, lilacs and sky blues; mascara should be black or brown black.
Your Best Blush: Shimmery pinks look great with pastel make-up, or try caramel shades if you’re using dark make-up on your eyes.
Your Best Lipsticks: Nude, bitter chocolate browns, pale shimmery pinks or warm browny pinks.

Dark Black Skin Dark Hair

Dark Black Skin Dark Hair: Aim for the deepest, warmest shade of any color (particularly the reds, plums, blues and browns you find in your skin) and skip bright shades or anything with a cool blue or pink base. Shimmery shades look great – particularly in the evening – as do gloss lipsticks. For eyes choose the darkest, inkiest mascara to show your lashes off. Be careful when choosing foundation – many shades have ashy undertones, which can make you look washed out and ruin the effects of your carefully chosen make-up. Specialist ranges offer the best choice.
Like: Venus Williams, Alek Wek
Your Best Eye Colors: Navy blues, deep plums, dark or reddish browns and golds.
Your Best Blush: Plums or dark browns.
Your Best Lipsticks: Raisin browns, deep or glossy plums, deep reds, chocolate browns.

10 responses to “Which Color Suits You?

  1. Hey there! You just started following my blog, so I wanted to check out your blog and say, “Hi!” I love this post! I know that some colors look better on me than others, but I’m not always sure which ones will look the best. This was really helpful – thanks!

  2. Thanks for following me! I really like your blog as well! I like the fact that you included a wide range of skin tones because that’s not something you find often. As a woman of color, I am always curious as to whether or not I could pull of certain shades of make-up but mainstream beauty websites tend to exclude darker skinned women from their advice. Thank you!

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