What You’ll Be Wearing This Summer

Latest Summer Fashion Ideas:

Designers all over the world are working to make this summer vibrant and colorful. Here are the big fashion trends for Spring-Summer:

Spring - Summer Fashion

1. Dior Again:

What Is It? Remember how Dior rekindled the romance in women’s fashion in the 1940s with his defining New Look? Well… It’s back.
Look For:

  • The feminine hourglass shape.
  • Narrow shoulders, a nipped-in waist and full skirts.
  • Ruffled trims.
  • Sheer fabrics like tulle and organza and cottons and linens.
  • Off-shoulder options for elegant evening wear.

Wear It How:

  • As dresses, or a blouse with mini-skirts and skirts with fitted, halter shirts.
  • With platform heels or pumps.
  • With gigantic sunglasses.

We Love: Donna Karen.

Summer Fashion Capris

2. Pants And Trousers:

What Is It? You can wear pants without looking tom-boyish and increase your sex appeal at the same time.
Look For:

  • Pants – loose, straight, editor pants or smart jodhpurs or mean n lean skinny ones.
  • Mid-thigh and knee-length shorts.
  • Natural and mid-rise waistlines.

Wear It How:

  • With waistcoats, suspenders and knee-high socks.
  • With stilettos and pointed-toe and high-heeled Mary Jane shoes.
  • With masculine pinstriped shirts or girly blouses.
  • With long shirts that double as jackets.

We Love: Allen Solly, Anna Sui and Chanel.

Summer Fashion Prints

3. It’s A Jungle Out There:

What Is It? Close your eyes and imagine a tropical jungle. It’s exactly that – with the flowers, foliage, birds, butterflies and wildlife and animal prints.
Look For:

  • Big and small all-over floral and leaf patterns.
  • Feathers, fringes and wings in multiple colors.
  • Animal prints like python, crocodile, leopard and zebra.

Wear It How:

  • As fringes on dress hems and in layers.
  • As flowers, leaf and feather print dresses.
  • With faux animal-skin clutch bags and footwear.
  • As embroideries on evening wear.
  • As single prints in an ensemble.

We Love: Alexander McQueen, Dior

Summer Fashion Straight

4. Straight And Narrow:

What Is It? Silhouettes that are straight but not fitted, and belted for impact rule.
Look For:

  • Rectangular, straight silhouettes in semi-fitted shapes.
  • Straight, loose palazzo pants and slim skirts.
  • Shirt-dresses, sheath dresses and long maxi-dresses.
  • Knee and ankle lengths.

Wear It How:

  • Belted for added impact.
  • With prints and also solid colors.
  • With soft, flowing fabrics.
  • With open-toed pumps and stilettos.
  • With hair that’s straight and parted in the center.

We Love: Calvin Klein, Luca Luca, Chanel.

Summer Fashion Ethnic

5. Cultural Trip:

What Is It? Ethnic influences from around the world make their presence felt..
Look For:

  • Prints inspired by different cultures.
  • Silhouettes that evoke regional influences such as kimonos, kaftans, sari and so on.
  • Drama in color.

Wear It How:

  • Do a modern take on traditional ensemble.
  • Incorporate trends into the look – be it color or accessories.

We Love:Jean Paul Gaultier, Christian Lacroix.

Summer Fashion Weird

6. Break The Rules:

What Is It? Nothing is as it appears. Unusual shapes, seams, fabric mixes and detailing become the new rule.
Look For:

  • Irreverent Shapes – Shoulders that fall off, skirts that hang from the torso, deconstruction, unusual wraps, unraveled and shredded fabrics.

Wear It How:

  • Don’t attempt this as a head-to-toe look. Combine a deconstructed jacket with a pair of jeans or a complex skirt with a plain white shirt.
  • Keep the accessories simple.
  • Stick to minimal make-up.

We Love:Comme de Garcon, Issey Miyake, Martin Margiela and Marc Jacobs.

Summer Fashion - Bright Colors

7. Spotlight Of Color:

What Is It? Evening wear and red carpet dresses rule in solid bright colors.
Look For:

  • Rich jewel tones like orange, electric blue, fuchsia, sunflower yellow, turquoise and leaf green.
  • Complimenting colors to add interest in the ensemble.
  • Long flowing dresses with narrow, pinched-in waists and layered, trailing skirts.
  • Plunging necklines or off-shoulder options.

Wear It How:

  • With perfectly toned, long legs.
  • With dangerously high stilettos.
  • With pretty belts that emphasize your waist.

We Love: Alexander McQueen, Oscar de la Renta, Elie Saab, Gucci, Hermes and Valentino.

Summer Fashion - Dots and Stripes

8. Stripes and Dots:

What Is It? Dots of all sizes appear everywhere. Stripes, vertical, horizontal or slanting, pinstripes, bold stripes bright stripes are all very much widely used this season.
Look For:

  • Big and small dots – as prints, appliques, cut-outs, embroideries and brocades.
  • Stripes – as bold contrasting stipes, or textured stripes in neutral colors, or applique stripes, or sequines stripes, simple pinstripes.

Wear It How:

  • With caution! Polka dots are tricky – less is always more.
  • Stripes if not worn with caution can make you look different. short and fat people should wear vertical stripes whereas tall and thin people should wear horizontal stripes.
  • With solid colors to balance them.
  • If you’re not quite sure about having them on your outfit, try them on accessories.

We Love: Betsy Johnson, Valentino and Givenchy.

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