Make Deadbeats In Your Wardrobe Trendy

Make Your Unwearable Clothes Trendy And Wearable:

They cost a bomb but you shelled the money because they looked so deliciously cool! But on the dawn of a new spring, the pieces that made you look like a diva last season have ‘deadbeat’ written all over them. That’s fashion for you, ever changing, ever wasting. But we should adapt the best-of-waste policy. We should adapt the old to fit in. So before your partner cries, ‘What! But this looks new!’ twist and turn your unwearables to express a trendier language. Here are some tips to spur you on.

Jeans Recycle

Boot-Cut And Flared:If you are still wearing flared jeans, you are dangerously in the category of ‘dead-n-gone’ beats in the fashion hierarchy. To up your status, simply go to a tailor and ask him to streamline your jeans to a slimmer fit. If you want to look more stylish, cut these tapered jeans a little above your ankles with 2.5 cm long side slit. You can also add a colorful piping to give them a retro touch.

Kaftans: With bold prints, slinky, sequined or with sensual V-necks, kaftans were the ‘it’ pieces few summers back. So get your chiffon ready for some tailoring. If your piece has a bell-sleeve, use elastic at the end to convert it into a balloon sleeve (the hottest volume look). You can also make it sleeveless. Since kaftans are voluminous, you can use the layering technique to wear them. Crop the kaftan’s length to short-of-waist. Sport it with a stylish tee and drop the wide V-neck to one side of the neck for a smart retro makeover. Use the material you cut from the piece to make pretty colorful scarves! Now that will rev up your wardrobe forever!

Sew Applique

Gypsies and Tiered:Everyone loves skirts. Now your wardrobe maybe full of those voluminous tiered, gypsy, flared, animal-printed, crinkled skirts and so is the market. To give them a trendy touch, simply cut the length to knee. Wear the skirt with funky wedges or heels. To avoid looking passe, combine the skirt with a plain white tee or a shirt. Keep it simple !

Ankle-Cut Trousers:The more fashion-forward wore ankle-length trousers few summers adoring the wall-like, straight silhouette that was making waves internationally. Though the silhouette still doesn’t count as deadbeat, it’s time to move on to a funkier level. Make a volume statement by wearing these trousers with a knee-length flared skirt and cropped jacket or bolero over a tank. A deadly combo to beat the heat!

Tier Skirt

Lacy Camisole:Do those cute camisoles with delicate laces still bring out the romantic in you? Don’t worry; these sexy fits won’t go out of fashion soon. But sport them subtly in a West-inspired look. Everything to do with cowboys is the hottest trend this spring. Combine the camisole or the dainty-face tee with a pair of jeans, cowboy hat and a broad buckle belt. Total oomph material!

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    • Sorry, that comment somehow got mixed up with one for your page! Please disregard the previous comment! Love what you did here with updating older clothing…definitely a smart idea!

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