Create The Perfect Pout

Create The Perfect Pout With Makeup:

We all have lip imperfections. Some have wrinkle lines, dry chapped lips, paper-thin or smile-and-you-will-reach-the-moon lips (Which could have been that perfect pout but are just not in the same league). So what do we do to get that perfect pout? We touch up and make our pouts come alive. Here’s How:

Perfect Pout

Rinse And Shine:Healthy lips shine naturally and look kissable. And you have to do very little to convert them into a perfect pout. Before applying any make-up, exfoliate your lips by rubbing a towel against them. This brings the natural flush to your lips.

Cheat It:If you have really thin lips, one of your options is cosmetic surgery where you could get your lips filled with collagen or silicone. Or simply use a primer before your lipstick A primer is a clear liquid which you can apply on your lips, available with most cosmetic brands. It stings for a bit, but pumps up your lips and gives them the perfect volume.

Lip Liner

Line It Well:Another option to enhance your pout is to use a lip liner. Line your lips outside the natural line of your lips to make them look plumper. Use a liner that is the same color as your skin. Visually, it will broaden the scope of your lips, making them look plumper.

Red Or Orange:The next step is choosing the right shade of lipstick. Know where to put and how much to put. Don’t follow the darker-it-is-the-fuller-it-will-look rule. A dark shade of red will make your lips look thinner and make you look mature. Instead opt for a color which complements your skin tone. Coral, raisin, brownish-reds are colors that work for wheatish to dark skin tones also. You can also opt for just a hint of tinted gloss on your lips.

Lip Gloss

Dab A Shine:After applying your lipstick dot the center of your upper and lower lips with clear lip sheen or gloss. Use a metallic or sheen in copper, pale gold or silver pigment for the center to maximize the effect. They will make your lips shine from the middle and this will then give the illusion of a natural pout.

Broad Trod:Women with broader lips should not go in for darker colors as it makes the lips look thinner. Instead just apply a shade darker than the natural skin tone of your lips and finish off with a gloss to get that perfect pout. Never apply lipstick with a brush. Instead use your fingers to dab a little lipstick on your lips. You can also use matte to make it look thinner. And just use the gloss in the middle to give it more shape.

Pink Lips

Pose Perfect: Achieve that perfect O by puckering up your lips the right way. Stand in front of the mirror and mouth a silent ‘O’. That’s what we call a perfect pout. Ensure that you keep your lips slightly apart at all times. Practice a slight smile with a silent ‘O’ to make a perfect wow!

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