Why Wear Red For Love?

Why Wear Red On Valentine’s Day?

Nothing like being someone’s Valentine right? Nothing like waiting. Nothing like planning days in advance on what to wear and do. It’s dreamy. It’s romantic. It’s young. But it also gets saccharine sweet. It’s an overdose of red. It’s a fashion disaster. No offense to Saint Valentine, but did he ever say that being overdressed for this occasion is the thing to do? Then why do so? you can enjoy the day by being simply stylish without ‘jumping over the moon’ to co-ordinate. Here’s help:

Red Dress

Red Alert: Yes, red is ‘stop’, red is ‘sexy’ and red is ‘dangerous’. But why relate eye-popping red and sickening pink to love? So don’t scrounge your wardrobes for ‘everything in red’ and ‘anything in pink’ to wear on the great day. ‘A little something’ will do just fine.

You Can Wear:Sober shades of pink, purple (read dusty pink or wine), burnt sienna or even blue! But if you really feel strongly for the red family, then a hint is permissible (read a nice blouse or a structured matt red jacket or a pair of shoes or a belt). That’s enough for the day. But teaming a red top with red shoes, a red bag and a red belt is going overboard.

Mushy Words:Isn’t speech enough? Words can be all you have but why strut about with mushy messages and graphics printed all over you that scream ‘L-O-V-E’? Brain or rib-tickling lines on tees are cool but cheesy one-liners on love – be it on tees, skirts or bags – are big no-nos.

You Can Wear:The ones with humorous or satirical messages. Or separate (even ethnic shapes) with watercolor effect or vintage print and text. At least, they will make you look sane.

Day Wear

Bow To Thee?The day is a tribute to love but not your clothes! Keep those bows or ribbons for gifts. Yes, bows, frills and flounce are “in” and work as great fashion statements. But do they have to decorate your clothes only on this day? If you cannot carry off the quaint, feminine style with attitude, don’t try too hard.

What To Wear:Subtle shapes. Flat, self-colored or contrasting bows on bags or shoes, a little frill peeking out from under a jacket or a small satin beauty on the empire or neck line of a dress are chic. But wear these only if your look permits, you really love them or can’t do without them.

Heart Warming:Yes, hearts are cute. But not as all-over prints or decorations on blouses or skirts! Have a heart… please don’t be hell bent upon proving your love on this day. Steer away from this teenybopper look, especially if you are anything over 25 years of age. Save little hearts for juveniles or toddlers.

You Can Wear:Classics – skirt and blouse with boots (or tie-ups), a pantsuit. Try a top with an ornate heart (but not your college-days tee with a nauseous red heart), a decorative stole, a stone and crystal heart pendant, a brooch or linked heart bracelet.

Trendy Fashion

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