How To Apply Hair Color Correctly?

Correct Application Of Hair Color:

Hair Color Choosing Guide:

Color can be used to enhance – or completely change – your natural hair shade, but it’s vital to choose the right color, and the correct process to achieve that look. If you are applying an all-over tint (semi or permanent), correct application is the final step to looking good. While choosing a correct shade, the simplest way is to choose a color no more than two shades lighter or darker than yours – it will always suit you. If you’re using highlights (lighter streaks in the hair) or low-lights (darker streaks), you can go up to four shades different with no consequences.

Hair Color

Choosing a coloring type depends upon whether you want an all-over color that will be gone by morning or subtle lights that’ll last for months.

  • Temporary Colors: These are water based and last until the next wash. Avoid if you have highlights or low-lights in your hair. These peel and rub on clothes and pillows and wash away during the rainy season.
  • Semi-Permanent Colors: These stay till four to six washes. Condition your hair well after washing. Protect color from UV rays or bleaching agents like chlorine.
  • Tone-on-tone Colors: Between semi-permanent and permanent colors, these last till five to twelve washes. These lighten dark hair also.
  • Permanent Colors: These colors use ammonia or other chemicals. These are permanent till the hair naturally grows out. Wash your hair with shampoos made for colored hair.
  • Henna: This although natural coat the hair so thickly that conditioners cannot penetrate it, leaving it dry, frizzy and messy. It is a permanent hair color.

Hair Color

Correct Application Of Hair Color:

1. First, it is important that you make sure your skin isn’t allergic to coloring product. Twenty-four hours before you color, patch-test it on the skin behind your ear. Five in every 100 people are allergic to some type of hair-dye, and if you’re one of them it is much better to find out on the space behind your ear than across your entire scalp.

2. On the day itself, wash your hair before you color, as product build-up on the hair can prevent color taking – or even change the color. Apply Vaseline around your hairline to stop color running and staining the skin. Never apply color to the top of the head and then rub it in – you’ ll get patches. Instead, divide the hair into four or five sections and treat each individually. Apply a strip pf color to the root and massage it down the hair shaft.

Hair Coloring

3. Leave the color in exactly as long as directed before rinsing well. Make sure you check for misplaced color – it can stain your ears, the back of your neck and around the hairline. If you do find any, an alcohol-based skin cleanser will remove it. Or you could try this hairdressers’ trick – Mix cold cigarette ash with a little water to make a paste, then rub into the skin for 1-2 minutes. Wash it off with water.

One response to “How To Apply Hair Color Correctly?

  1. You might want to add that if a person has tattoos, there are now warnings on the boxes that you can develop an allergic reaction to the dye. Certain brands have been sued for not warning customers and the results were quite damaging. I myself have tattoos, so I get a little nervous about dye affecting them, but thus far I have been extremely lucky.

    Thanks so much for following my beauty blog. I hope it will eventually be as awesome as yours. =)

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