Choosing The Right Scrub And Right Body Wrap

Pick The Right Scrub And The Right Body Wrap:

An Occasional scrub and wrap session will leave you with smoother and younger skin. Make sure you get the right one. Women across cultures, across time, have always wanted more beautiful skin. Today, spas and salons across the world are coming up with more ways to satisfy a woman’s needs to have beautiful, younger looking skin. Scrubs and wraps are simple spa techniques which, when done before a massage, result in better cleansing, detoxifying, beautifying and healing of various skin problems.

Body Scrub

A scrub is particularly useful when you have been overexposed to the elements by way of profession or leisure activities, causing your skin to become scaly, dry, flaky, itchy or very tanned. Professionals in marketing and sales, and compulsive golfers and swimmers usually require this treatment the most and need to take utmost care of their skin. Negligence may result in irreversible skin damage so it’s best to start off early, particularly if your lifestyle can’t be changed.

Pick The Right Scrub:The outermost layer of your skin sustains the greatest wear and tear and thus requires the most attention. Dead and dry cells accumulate, essentially forming a debris of sorts. This needs to be cleared to make way for the benefits offered by body wraps. One myth is that bathing is sufficient. Bathing removes oil and excess dirt but it leaves behind the dead skin, which can only be removed by an abrasive technique. Body scrubs exfoliate and remove dead skin, and their functions may vary from anti-aging to addressing dry skin problems and other such conditions depending on the ingredients used. While spas are offering increasingly exotic variations, it is imperative to pick one that suitably addresses the needs of your skin.

Body Salt Scrub

Body Wraps For Youthfulness:A body wrap follows a scrub effectively moisturizing the skin. Wraps work in twp stages, first absorption and then squeezing, which is also known as compaction. Absorption takes place when the appropriate wrap substance is applied on the body and then held firmly in place wither by cloth in the form of large bandages or wraps made of waterproof plastic sheets.

Stage 1:For the first stage to be effectively carried out, it is advisable to have a warm or hot shower so as to open your pores. Once the pores are open, the fluids of the wrap are better absorbed by the skin to produce desired results. The results may vary from skin softening and cleansing, to detoxification and yes, even loss in terms of inches! It’s important to remember that the ingredients used determine the effects of a wrap.

Body Wrap

  • Simple wraps usually are mixtures of clay and some salt,
  • More complex ones contain herbs, essential oils and nutritive ingredients, among other things.
  • Sea-based clays and mud, seaweed and herbs, minerals and aloe-Vera wraps yield time-tested results for inch loss and detoxification. The more absorbent the ingredients, the greater the inch loss you can expect.

The ingredients used and their exact proportions determine the extent of the wrap’s effectiveness as will repeated and frequent application. The good news is that it is perfectly safe to have a wrap every day or even multiple wraps in a day to quicken the effects.!

Step 2:Once the fluids are absorbed, compaction is carried out. Simply put, this involves compacting the tissues together after the interstitial fluid has been extracted. As fluids are extracted, empty pockets are formed between the cells. The aim is to fill these empty pockets by squeezing the cells together so that the end result is a thinner and leaner looking body. Holding the body cells together for a very short time causes the cells to re-adhere themselves to hold the new shape.

Body Wrap Clay

Usually one does perspire while getting a body wrap so it is advisable to drink lots of water before, during and after the body wrap. This will in no way affect the result, that is, reduce the inch loss achieved as the process in no way relies on water weight loss. In fact drinking a good amount of warm or room temperature water before, during and after the wrap is advised as it aids in flushing out toxins. Following the wrap it is essential that you drink plenty of water for the next three days so that the minerals will continue to work to carry the toxins out of your body. However at the same time it is important to end certain vices we all indulge in like caffeine, sugar, fatty foods and carbonated drinks.

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