48 Happening Fashion Trend Tips

Happening Fashion Trend Tip Offs:

1. Make a statement ‘Red Carpet‘ style with shoulder-dusters – stone-studded earrings (but please do not team a large neck piece with them!)

Fashion Jewelry
2. Add a simple metallic or over-sized watch (with masculine black strap) to add panache to your existing look.
3. The all-coordinated look may look great on your Granny, but mixing and matching is the theme for the season. Use your aesthetic sensibility and find happy contrasts like white (or black) with gold, bold flower print with small flower print, stripes with polka dots, the structured with the flowing and more.
4. Keep a pair of black pumps to go with most of your apparels, avoid fluorescent or extra brights if you do not have a contrasting outfit. Invest in shoes which are comfortable and classy.

Fashion Accessories
5. If nothing works, an all-black outfit is enough to create the perfect ‘evening look’.
6. The waist is back! so is the belt – a slim one if you have a broad waist and a wide belt if you’ve a narrower waistline.
7. Large or small polka dots are de rigueur, own at least one piece (in clothing or accessories) with them.
8. Add long strings or beads or pearls to a basic tee to pump up its style quotient.
9. Feeling blue? A feminine and layered dress (with big print) will trick you into a brighter mood.
10. Want a quick hip touch to your look? Add a dash of red – a pair of red shoes or a red belt.
11. Rushing from work to a party? A sequined chiffon top worn over trousers will look spunky (throw one into your bag or in your car boot in the morning!). Accessorize with long beaded chains and flats or ballerina shoes.

12. Blouson tops are big this season – in printed or plain chiffon. Jazz one up with a slim belt and viola! You’re set to rock an evening.
13. Any outfit can be dressed up with the bling of white metal…traditional silver jewelry.
14. A diamond is a woman’s best friend! You have to own a pair of sparkling studs to take you through any fashion emergency.
15. The foundation of great dressing – perfect lingerie!
16. Go Gold! It’s sexy, strong, glamorous. Add a pair of gold shoes, a gold lurex blouse, a long gold chain, a gold bracelet, and gold bag, well, you can to your winter wardrobe. Tip: Own many but club only a piece or two in one ensemble, or risk looking like Dubai Duty-Free.

Gold Fashion Statement
17. Edgy and Dramatic! You can’t go wrong with red lipstick and nail paint (play with shades of red if you dread the bright pepper color).
18. A cropped jacket or a shrug is a winter wardrobe must-have. Club it with jeans, skirt or capris.
19. Black and white – a deadly combo that never goes wrong and works all day, all night!
20. Wide butt? Hide it under a long tee – it’s a trendy silhouette too! Team it with slim jeans, a decorative belt and heels for an evening out.
21. When an invitation says ‘casual chic’, it’s okay to spice up your track pants with a tank top (love layering? wear one tank top over another!) Slip into sporty sneakers and carry a big bag.
22. Wear a voluminous silhouette (shape) like a bubble skirt with a basic or a fitted shape like a structured shirt. Did you know a bubble skirt (or top) is one of the many wardrobe must haves?
23. A shirt-dress is all-day and versatile work looks around a solid-colored style – accessorize with belt, boots and a neck piece or wear a printed or contrast-colored polo-necked tee under it.
24. Bright headbands help reduce the trauma of a bad hair day. Layer two of them in contrasting colors if you must!
25. Want to conceal your love handles? Opt for semi-fitted clothing.

Animal Prints
26. Animal prints rock! A top, a dress or a skirt can be teamed with denim or a neutral-colored shape. Make a haute statement with leopard kin – bag, belt or shoes – faux of course!
27. Crave slimmer ankles? Create the illusion with pointy-toed heels!
28. No time to De-fuzz? Here’s a trendy trick. Pull up opaque leggings under your short skirt and team this look with an over-sized jumper!
29. If flaunting only one piece of jewelry is what you love, this season, let it be the statement ring. Big is beautiful!
30. Lace! Romance it – light colors for day, and mysterious, dark colors for night.
31. Can you carry off the mascu-feminine look? You know ruffles and frills work but when wearing them, keep the jewelry to the minimum. Ruffles look best when placed around the neck… they accentuate the face. Team a strong or a graphic piece with them for a modern look. And wear the ruffled shirt with a tailored skirt or a pair of trousers.
32. The must-have color of the season is purple. Add a touch to your wardrobe.
33. Need some smartening up? Slip into an opulent velvet silhouette in a jeweled color – emerald, ruby, amethyst, sapphire or topaz.
34. Skinny jeans always make your legs (and hips) look slimmer.

35. The been-there-done-that corset stays on as a trend. Wear it with a skirt or a pair of jeans. It can be slimming if you wear a single-colored-without-detail piece!
36. Large-retro glasses are a huge fad. Go incognito with a pair.

Purple Dress
37. It’s all about mixing! The layered look is hot – layer a ruffled top with a vest, and wear with a pair of skinny jeans.
38. Own last season’s trend – a tunic top? No worries. Jazz it up with a belt and a pair of boots as a winter trend.
39. Spice your look up with metallic hints! They still lead the ‘trendy accessories’ brigade.
40. Pin on a brooch for instant pick-me-up. How about on your cashmere stole?
41. Sometimes a purely formal look can be banal. Mix ‘n match a sophisticated piece with fun elements – a structured jacket with jeans and beads, or a straight skirt and a top with a stylish belt.
42. Under the weather? Wear a brightly-colored piece; it’s a feel-good quickie.
43. A play of proportion and contrast works wonder! Try a billowing chiffon top and a pair of tailored shorts, or the red-with-black combo.
44. Switch your work bag for an elegant clutch for last-minute evening-outs.
45. No time to change? Cheat yourself chic! Just switch your banal bag with a large, bright (try a fruit-colored or neon) style.
46. A key piece for winter: Loose-print blouse. It’s an all-round piece! Work around it – team with jeans or a skirt – to create chic looks.

47. Want extra height? Okay, you can’t add inches in a jiffy but at least you can create an illusion – slip into comfortable platforms! Patent leather ones in bold colors look cool.
48. Happiness! Wear a mile-wide smile and carry a positive attitude. No fashion works better than this!

4 responses to “48 Happening Fashion Trend Tips

  1. Thanks for following my blog. I cannot for the life of me see why, as I am a most un-trendy, 60 year old man, using no beauty products, and having no interest in fashion. Thanks anyway, and good luck with your very professional blog. Pete, England.

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  3. I love how I look when I put on my heels. It’s like instant weight-loss and gazelle legs all at once. I don’t do it often, so it’s a fun treat when I do. My toes, though, might say otherwise </3

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