Frosted Makeup To Look Different

Different Look For The Festive Season:

If you are bored of the staid matte look and the glossy effect leaves you cold, try the frosted look for some sizzle. You can highlight the lips and keep the rest of the make-up very subtle but differently so.

Frosted Eyes

  • Use Derma Color Camouflage System as the concealer for the under-eye region.
  • Then Kryolan creme pan stick can be used as the base for the entire face in a shade matching your skin tone.
  • After the base and concealer has been blended in completely, lightly dust Kryolan loose translucent powder all over your face. The concealer, base and powder used should be matte in texture to negate shine.
  • To highlight your eyes, use a subtle mix of peach and pink eyeshadow from VOV to complement the frosted look to be created for the lips later.

Frosted Lips

  • To highlight the region under the eyebrow use the VOV Pearl Highlighter which makes the eyes look larger.
  • For outlining the eyes, use MAC Black creme liner on the upper and lower lids. The lower lids can then be further shaped with MAC Eyeshadow.
  • VOV Black Mascara can be used to add length to the lashes.
  • For the cheeks, use a hint of brown blusher along the jawline to emphasize the cheekbones. Then a subtle shade of pink blusher from Etude was used on the cheeks to add color to the face.
  • To outline the lips, use Etude Lipstick in a shade of frost pink.
  • To fill in the lips, VOV’s silver lipstick can be used mixed with a little pink.
  • The final touch can be given with a bit of silver gloss in the center of the lips.

Frosted Beauty

  • The neck and chest region can be dusted lightly with body glitter to complement the frosty look and create a slight sheen.
  • The hair can be pinned back and a hair extension can be used with hair accessories in silver clipped on to echo the frosted silvery make-up look.
  • A silver to white outfit will complete the look and add extra appeal to the shimmery, ice-queen effect.


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