The A-Z Of Looking Glamorous!

Look Glamorous With This A-Z Guide:

What’s glam? Here is a run through the alphabets to spell it out for you:

A Is For An All-Over Glow: Superglowy and pearlised – that’s the angelic look of the season. Of the latest high-tech skin illuminators, try Lancome‘s Transparent De Teint Sheer Illusion. Treat yourself  to a quick facial massage before applying make-up. It allows your skin to warm up, so the make-up glides on thinly and the skin glows from within.

B Is For Beautiful Body: Highlight just the body asset you wish to emphasize. If you wish to highlight your cleavage, just a little will do as too much looks too cheap. Use shimmer, body oil or Lakme’s Shimmer Gel in copper and silver. You could also add bronzing powders for your legs or arms.

Glam Hair

C Is For Convertible-Car Hair: Here is the sexiest do – it looks like it had been blown in the back of a convertible Mercedes. Use a jet of spray on semi dry hair and blast with heat before teasing the top. A touch of L’Oreal Professional Air Pump will ward off a Bridget Jones-style bird’s nest.

D Is For Defined Brows: Say ‘No’ to scanty brows. “To get thick, dark brows take the excess off the mascara wand and brush through the brows. And if you can’t remember your natural shape, “dig out an old teenage photo to rediscover your true shape”.

E Is For Extreme Lashes: Long lashes are huge this season: Winged or doe-eyed, make sure yours are in top form with Estee Lauder‘s Magnascopic.

F Is For Frosted Shimmer: It’s the chic frosted Eskimo goddess sheen we love, so avoid disco glitters. Go for polished, iridescent, soft pastel shimmer delicately swept over eyes and cheeks. Try the Lakme Watercolor palettes or Clarin’s Pastel Shimmers Color Quartet and Eye Shimmer Pencil in Silver Flash. The effect: Sparkling watery eyes – the way they go when you first step out on a cold winter morning.

Red Lips Glam

G Is For Grown-Out Fringes: It is clear that last year’s blunt fringes have grown longer and sexier. We spotted shaggy fringes falling across eyes or softly swept fringes tucked cutely behind the ears on the party circuit.

H Is For Halter Necks: A regular full body massage and an ice cold shower for your upper body is all you need to show off a halter neck blouse. Of did we forget to mention a go at the shoulder press for a toned back?

I Is For Immaculate Skin: Everyone can have the perfect polished canvas with a little help from the new generation of skin perfectors. We love Airbrush Concealer and Pore Minimizer by Clinique, Vichy‘s Normaderm and Nina Ricci‘s Skin Illuminator Serum.

J Is For Juicy Red Lips: Glossy, matte or stained, if you’re wearing a strong lip color, make sure it’s a ’40s-inspired red. Skeptics should go for a palette, so you can mix your own perfect hue. Try Juicy Tube in Tali X by Lancome.

K Is For Kohl Eyes: Everyone today is catching on to this don’t-leave-home-without-it beauty aid. Pick yourself a soft, smudgy kohl pencil and go for seductive eyes.

L Is For Lolita-Like Curls: Soft curls make a ’70s-style statement. Use Fresh Curls Spin control by Redken, hot rollers and a touch of thickening lotion for volume.

M Is For Masks: Whether it’s fruit, clay, or mineral based, indulging in a nice face mask doesn’t always require a visit to the salon. Make one up at home or buy one off the shelf.
Get Glam With Makeup

N Is For Nearly Nude Makeup: The natural look doesn’t mean no make-up, it means finding the right shades for your skin tone. Go minimalist with the Nude on Nude Palette by Bobbi Brown on the face and Nina Ricci Nude Nail Base on your tips.

O Is For Oxygen: Chuck the cigarette, and replace it with five minutes of power-breathing every time you feel the urge to smoke. Get some oxygen pumping into the skin. Also try Blossom Kocchar’s Oxy face pack. Does wonders to the collagen!

P Is For Pairing Your Polish: The biggest trend now is to match your lip and nail color. Keep nails short, oval-ended and make sure you have the right shade. The key to a good polish is when it looks good enough to eat.

Q Is For Q Fashion: Follow celebrities in their craze for Q fashion garments. Get your pick and look stylish and very much the fashionista.

R Is For Raw-Edged Look: For this look, hair should be straight but not poker-straight. And if it falls into your eyes, that’s all the more cool and rock chic.

S Is For Sexy Stilettos: Nothing will heighten your fashion credo faster than a pair of killer heels. Stomping the runways from London to New York, the sexiest were black and brown studded leather Guccis.

T Is For Techno Shimmer: A romantic techno shimmer to give a soft space-age iridescence to the eyes is very hot this season. This can be paired well with the frosted shimmer look.

U Is For Using Lip Base: Use foundation, pink lip liner and clear gloss. If you leave lips bare, keep them in a super state with Protective Lip Conditioner by Shiseido The Skincare.

V Is For Vanilla Bean: It adds just a touch of musky sweetness to any fragrance.

W Is For Waspy Waists: Just when you thought you could slob out until next summer, the high waist is back this autumn. Kiss goodbye to those undies-revealing jeans.

X Is For X-Rated Bodies: A tip from Paris. Make sure you’re buffed, glowing, silky smooth and dangerously sexy this season.

Y Is For Yoga: For that supernatural glow, nothing gets it better than an hour of yoga everyday.

Z Is For Something Zany: Once in a while, it’s essential to go radical. Get a bright red streak or wear silver mascara! Anything that breaks the ordinary or the predictable!

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