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A Hint of Chocolate, A Kiss of Coffee, A Dash Of Sand… Unusual ingredients are finding their way into your perfume bottles. So What‘s your poison? I was at a cool party with my group of girlfriends; there was good music, spicy gossip and an endless flow of aroma. Wafting in the air was the juicy aroma of barbecued food and something else.., chocolate. I pursued the trail but it led me not to the dessert counter, but to a long-legged beauty. That’s when it struck me. The chocolate was in her perfume.

The new generation of perfumes is buzzing with new, unusual ingredients. Newer techniques of capturing essences and the ability to synthesize fragrances in a lab have all played catalyst to this change.

Angel By Thierry Mugler

1. Dark Temptation: Sinful, tempting chocolate is now a star in the perfume business. It has already made its presence felt in scents like Angel by Thierry Mugler. Caramel, honey, vanilla and chocolate notes (created with veltol – a synthetic version of caramel and chocolate) are the main ingredients in this perfume. Spray it on and you’ll smell good enough to eat. Imagine the effect it will have on your spouse!

2. Catwoman: How would you like to smell of something that came from the guts of a sperm whale? Before you wrinkle your nose in disgust, know that perfumes made from ambergris (the waxy, fatty substance mentioned before) are currently hot favorites. They’re ideal for a night of action, last longer and work wonders for the wearer. Don’t let the source worry you; amber is only used after it goes through long periods of photo degradation. Musk is an eternal favorite and comes from a pod removed from a male musk deer. Just a drop on your handkerchief and the fragrance will linger for years. A butter-like secretion from the pouch under a civet cat’s tail is also used in fragrances. Beaver sacs provide castor, another ingredient in perfume-making.

Musk Fragrance

3. Rice And Shine: Rice as perfume? Sure. True Star Eau de Parfum from Aramis has as its key note, Kashi cereal and rice. The grain is also a key ingredient in the Eau d’Issey bath and body line range. Shiseido Research Laboratories have developed a specific rice extract for this line. Even your low-carb diet won’t be able to keep you off this one.

4. Sands Of Time: Have you ever inhaled the heady, earthy fragrance of sand? Now perfume makers are trying to capture that very aroma in their bottles. Provocative Woman from Elizabeth Arden is one of the first fragrances to have white sand notes as a prime ingredient… what next, we wonder.

5. Hot Cuppa: Addicted to caffeine? Get your daily dose by spraying on some coffee. Balmya from Balmain includes cappuccino among its ingredients. Enough to give you a high!

Coffee Fragrance

6. Linen Is In: And we are not talking fashion here. Who can resist the refreshing scent of freshly laundered bed linen? Just makes you want to go and lie down, doesn’t it? If you are game, 1881 by Nino Cerruti might just be the perfume for you. It contains a special ingredient that conveys a whiff of the scent of linen. The opening notes of The Dreamer by Versace are also played up by linen.

7. A Hint Of Basil: Even our humble basil is going places. It is one of the prime ingredients in luxe perfume Manifesto by Isabella Rossellini. Simple elegance are two words that can wrap up Manifesto.

8. Milk ‘N Sugar: Armani’s Sensi Edition Bijou has barley sugar as its key ingredient, a scent that echoes those sizzling, sultry tropical summers. Noted perfumer Jacques Cavallier, who created Le Feu d’Issey Light, has tried to create a new family of milky – amber fragrances. Max Mara a bright floral fragrance, is created on an intriguing base of sugarcane infused with a blend of aromas.

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