KISS – Keeping It Short & Sweet

3 Short hairstyles – Complete Guide:

Short hair is sexy, smart and takes years off your face. Had enough of the poker straight hair? Tired of waking up to hair-straightening irons and industrial force blow-drying sessions? Or is all that effort a fad too much on a winter morning? The mane-gods must be listening, because this winter, hair trends demand that you get friendly with the snippers and get rid of hard-to-maintain lengths. There are plenty of styles to choose from.

Very Short Hair

Style 1: The Pixie
Style Reference: Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy, Natalie Portman.
The Look: One of the most influential hairstyles of all time, it first gained popularity in the 1950s with the release of film the “Sabrina” starring the lovely Audrey Hepburn. The hair is cut fairly short, with a short delicate fringe or bangs across the forehead and a tapered point at the nape of the neck. Get soft highlights to enhance the effect. The fringe requires careful maintenance and regular trims.
Must-Have: It works well if you have fine bone structure with a heart-shaped or square face. Ideal for straight hair of medium weight.
Effect: Gamine and sweet. It also creates amazing definition for the eyes, which can be outlined with dark liner and mascara. This style is ideal for office goers in multinational firms, who do not have the time to set their hair every morning.

Style 2: Space Diva
Style Reference: Mary Quant
The Look – Vidal Sassoon, star hairstylist of the 60s, created the five-point haircut for the iconic designer Mary Quant, creator of the mini skirt. It was a sharply cut geometric hairstyle that has been reinvented time and again for its chic value. This year, get the sleek short, blunt-on-length bob with a substantial eyebrow-skimming fringe. With the style cut into the hair, it swings freely and requires little maintenance except for a good anti-frizz lotion and a spot of gloss serum. Use a deep brown color that will add a translucent multi-dimensional effect, as well as give the hair radiant shine.
Must-Have: A face with an oval jawline, and thick straight hair.
Effect: Swinging 60s with a dash of the space age. The fringe again draws attention to the eyes and the mouth. Combine with clever use of blusher to create an impression of chiselled cheek-bones.
Very Short Hair

Style 3: Madonna
Style Reference: Madonna, Cyndi Lauper
The Look: When Madonna hit the top of the charts with ‘Like a virgin’, she caught everyone’s attention with her bold and sassy style,
especially her hair, which was a raunchier version of Marilyn Monroe‘s carefully coiffured crop. The hairstyle, updated and back in vogue, is edgy and raw, with plenty of razored short layers and volume. The short, side-swept fringe is optional, but adds to the
favored and very with-it asymmetry popular this season. The essentials for creating this look are a hairdryer with diffuser
attachment and volumising mousse. Use vibrant highlights in daring shades of reds for pizzazz.
Must-Have: Any face shape and any hair texture.
Effect: Free-spirited and fun. Tie ribbons to hold volume away from the face, and dress up with rhinestone clips.


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