Spruce Up Your Hot Spots And Revel In The After Effects

How To Pamper Your Oh-So-Hot Spots:

Perk up your beauty routine! Pamper your hot spots to the hilt and see the difference it makes to you and the world around you. So spice up your beauty regimen and enjoy the after effects!

Back Treatments

Back (ing) Beauty:Bring on your backless tops and low cut blouses! Get rid of flaky skin scarred by acne and pigments. Tanning, pigmentation, acne and dandruff related rashes are the common problems with the skin on your back. Since it’s one of the most difficult areas of the body to maintain, as it’s difficult to reach, most of us end up using a scrub or a loofah on a daily basis. That’s the worst mistake you can do. Too much friction causes the skin to darken. So daily use of scrubs and loofah should be avoided. Just use the loofah gentle enough to lather up and spread the shower gel. If your back has terrible acne, use a medicated cleanser like Cetaphil on your back. Try and keep the dandruff in check else get all covered up! The fungus on your scalp can give you ugly rashes – known as ‘Pityrosporal folliculitis”. These rashes can be a sure turn off.

How To Get A Blemish-Free Back:

  • Dilute a few drops of Ketoconazole shampoo in equal proportion of water and leave it on your back for three to four minutes while in the shower.
  • Follow this routine for up to 15 days.

Body Treatments

Extra Tips For A Spotless Back:

  • Apply an anti-acne gel at bedtime.
  • Use a grainy exfoliator on your back once a week to remove the accumulated dead cells and grime.
  • Make sure your bra straps do not cut into your flesh.
  • Go in for skin services like back polishes, etc.

Neck Teasers: The neck is one of the most alluring parts of a woman’s body! And also one of your extra sensitive zones. Yet most of us give it a step motherly treatment by excluding it from our beauty routine. During summer your neck usually accumulates sweat and grime. It’s vital to use a deep pore cleansing milk or gel according to your skin type. Your neck also starts showing visible signs of aging, with passing time. Warts start appearing and they look awful. Warts can be hereditary or due to age related issues. You need to go to a trained professional who will knock it off for you.

Cucumber Paste For Neck

Extra Tips For A Beautiful Neck:

  • To remove a bad tan or lighten the skin use either cucumber or potato juice.
  • Soak cotton in the juice and apply it on your face and neck.
  • Leave it for 10-15 minutes. Rinse off.

Other Body Parts:

All Ears:A mischievous bite on the ear can set passion ablaze. Make sure your ears don’t have a repulsive deposit of wax or unwanted hair. Human ear is a tricky area to work on, it’s very sensitive and needs utmost care. Some people have a rapid wax formation. Use a wax dissolving solution and leave it overnight. If you have thicker or coarser hair on your ears, go in for laser hair removal. But it’s mandatory that hair is black, as laser doesn’t work on grey or light hair.


Mid Body Crisis: A short tee or a sexy dress that lets a sneak peak into your curvy zones can hit the right chord during cozy time with your love. Hormonal imbalance in women can result in unwanted hair on your abdomen especially below the belly button. You might have to go in for oral medication, if that’s the case. You can bleach the hair if it’s a light growth, but for thicker growth go in for a laser treatment.

Here’s a gentle scrub for the entire body, for a silky, soft and glowing skin: Mix equal quantity of sandalwood and lentil with 10 crushed almonds and yogurt. Use this scrub on a weekly basis to unveil a smooth and glowing skin.

Let the seductive notes of your perfume do the rest!

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