Winter Skin Care Tips

Skin Care During Winter:

Cold weather, moisture depletion in the skin can lead to extremely dry skin and the problems associated with it. Go heavy on the moisturizer to take charge of your winter skin care regimen.winterskin

Winters are especially damaging to the skin. Because of the temperature drop, harsh winds and moisture depletion, it causes dehydration, scaling and flaking in the skin. The lips, elbows, heels and hands are particularly affected and form while patches. With a little care and extra moisturizing you will be able to combat the winter blues. Here are some tried and tested tips:

  • Start your day with a hot shower, but take care not to make it long. Before you get out of the shower, switch to cold water for about fifteen seconds and then raise the temperature again. This is a simple hydrotherapy technique, which can be implemented for two minutes to revitalize the skin by boosting blood circulation.
  • Slap on a good moisturizer all over the body when the skin is still damp. Use a super-emollient lotion for hands, heels or any area in your skin where you experience dryness and cracks. Also, use a lip balm on your lips as they are prone to chapping in winters.


  • Dehydrated skin also means flaky skin. So ensure to exfoliate and follow it up with a rich moisturizer. If you have an oily skin, stick to a nourishing lotion. Exfoliation is important as it helps to remove dead cells and allows the skin to absorb extra moisture.
  • Sunscreen is important not just in summers but also in winters. However, you can tone down your sunscreen quotient by opting for a make-up or a moisturizer with SPF 15 on your face throughout winter, instead of opting for a sunscreen by itself.
  • Walk as much as you can. Getting some fresh air into the lungs is invigorating and a great way to beat lethargy.
  • Be high on nutrition by eating lots and lots of vegetables, especially in the soup form. This will take care of your skin health.


  • Energize your body by drinking a glass of hot water with lemon the first thing in the morning. This Chinese herbal remedy is sure to detoxify your entire system, including the liver and gall bladder. So your body will be able to clean the blood faster to get rid of toxins responsible for bad skin.
  • Have a good night’s sleep. Not having enough sleep depletes your oxygen levels, affecting the rate of your skin’s cell renewal growth. And that is when aging sets in.

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