How To Create Different Looks With Hair – A DIY Guide

Different Hair Cuts And Looks – DIY Guide:

Your hair makes a more definitive style statement than the clothes you wear. The best ensembles can get busted by bad hair-dos. Though cuts and lengths have ruled hair trends for years, textures and colors are defining the hottest looks. There are also many styling products available in the market with which hairstylists are having a ball.

Short Hairstyles

Sleek Cut: If you have a softer, rounder face, you can opt for this easy to maintain haircut which will give you a slightly elongated appearance. Have your hair close cropped  hair really short by using a radical cut and an asymmetric look. Using the crown as the pivot point, have the length at the back graded. In the front, you can ask your hairdresser leave short wisps to highlight your elfin looks. On the sides, the longer points can be kept to caress your cheeks. Later, the lines of the cut can be broken down by deep notches and point cutting can be used to customise a sideward sweep where the fringe is. Then color your hair with reds and style it into place with a volumising spray which can be used at the roots and rough dried. Clay can be added at the roots to create an extra lift. The best part of this cut is that it allows you to go for two new looks. The styling adds texture and makes the head interesting.

1. Grunge Look:This sharp look has the hair finger shaped into spikes to highlight elfin looks. Clay can be used to emphasize texture. Digit Gloss can be rubbed at the tips for shine and definition. For more drama, the hair on the crown can be twisted into screw tops.
Result: You will look like a pixie with a punk look. Don’t be afraid to use modern products. There are many deposit-removing shampoos these days. Go with what your stylist recommends.
DIY: To get this look at home, first make sure you have a similar haircut or short hair like the one mentioned above. You can color your hair in a shade that suits your skin tone and then use a gel to spike up your hair.

Cocktail Hair

2. Cocktail Look: For this contemporary and sleek look, your hair needs to be finger combed into place. The movement will follow the cut. It can be combed into place around the face and the nape of the neck. For a perfect random finish, you can use Digit Gloss liberally.
Result: And there you are sporting an international look.
DIY: This look works for an evening out. Comb your hair into place and then use gel to get that sleek look.

Radical Cut: If you have shoulder length thick wavy hair falling flat because of the weight and wish to retain the length with a different cut, then you can go ahead with this cut. Shoulder length hair softens the features of people with square faces and sharp jawline. If you have petite features you can retain more length around the face and nape, and volume on top, to complement your features. By doing so, you can remove the weight from the head and let the hair fall free. If you have original brown hair, you can give yourself flashes through the top. In thick hair, fine highlights do not show, so thick slices should be taken at the back. You need to judge movement and cut while coloring. You can use the creative style as opposed to the methodical style of coloring. A more blonde gold can be woven around the face and top layers to enhance the movement and appeal. To create body, lots of volumising mousse can be worked into damp hair.

Wavy Hair

1. Casual Look:To create romantic waves in hair, fingers can be dipped in mousse and rubbed in luxuriantly. For an exaggerated look, the hair can be diffuser dried and finished off with some Digit Gloss and scrunched to define the cut and colors.
Result: Finally the hair tumbled down in a melange of three colors.
DIY: To get a bedhead look like this, you can crunch it into place when your hair is wet with a styling gel or a mousse. If you scrunch up a few strands of your hair at a time and run a dryer through them, you can get the curls.

2. Party Look: For a more elegant look, you can simply pick and pin up your hair in sections. A few tendrils can be allowed to fall free, outlining your face gently. A little more Digit Gloss can be added to separate the curls on top.
Result: The perfect ringlets on the forehead will give you a demure look.
DIY: If you know your best features, pick and choose strands to pin up but make sure you leave a few tendrils loose to break the severity, to create a softer look around the face and to camouflage the jawline as well.

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