Whether To Sport A Stubble Or Not?

Should You Have A Stubble Or Not?

Stubble is officially in. Not a beard. Beards cover up weak chins. Stubble just accentuates an already good one. Stubble demands a great facial structure; men with weak chins need a definite beard for concealment; a stubble just won’t do. And you can’t buy manhood with stubble. Young growing boys should not play around with stubble s to be men.I personally think Pierce Brosnan, Mel Gibson, Dino Martelli carry off stubble s really well. And it also works on the ramp, depending on what line is being exhibited.


Stubble Maintenance: And no it isn’t easier to maintain. A stubble that is left alone is almost as bad as a beard that is untrimmed. You need to find just the right clipper for the length you want. If your hand is absolutely steady, and you don’t quite have the perfect tools, perhaps you might want to get your stubble some regular professional attention. Some men prefer to spend a good ten minutes lathering their stubble to soften it before a shave. The best thing about a stubble is that you can leave it alone for a good week, which actually means zero maintenance. Beyond that, it gets a mind of its own, and you have horrifying hair growth at 90 degrees to your chin, and everything goes haywire. Then you need to surrender to a good barber with expert trimmers and clippers to calm it down.

For, if stubble is in, it’s because it’s cool to suggest that you just rolled out of bed this morning, thought about shaving and then didn’t. Of course, this means that you roll out of bed and shave your neck, carefully trim your stubble  but then casual is a look that is almost as difficult as well-groomed. Or didn’t you know?

Stubble Look

Whom Is The Stubble Look Meant For?  Whether to have a stubble depends upon the type of look you wish to portray. The clean shaven look suddenly spells good boy and quite at odds with the high testosterone look that comes with the stubble. Stubble gives your face a character. A clean shaven face looks too bland according to some men. But is it a manly thing for every man? Stubble has always been in, and men have almost always looked good in it. Of course there are men who ruin it for mankind. The guy who can carry it of the best does justice to it.

Stubble Guide
Stubble On Stubble Off
If you have even growth; A great chin If you have Alopecia or patchy growth; A weak or receding chin; Grey flicks;
If you are in an alternative / Creative profession If you want a shot at the boardroom
If you have restless eyes If you have Puppy-dog eyes
The look you can carry off is Dangerous Lady killer
The only look you have has The woman chucking you under your chin
If they say: Nothing If they make any of the following comments: “Need a blade?” / “Who broke your heart?” / “Do you need to wash your face?”
To meet: Her To meet: Her Parents

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