How To Treat And Hide All Imperfections?

Treat And Hide Your Bruises, Marks, Dark Circles, Etc.:

You want to be hot on the circuit and sport the sassy sparkle on your eyes, lips and cheeks. For all this, you lead an unblemished life. Yet, at one time or another, you still have to go red in the face with some type of nasty imperfection. We will help you mask these flaws and make them less obvious:

Hide Flaws

Woe 1- Bruises:
Nature’s Aid: Putting the chill on bruises is the simplest way to treat a bruise. Cooling constricts the blood vessels restricting blood spills into the tissues that cause the black splotch. For all kinds of bruises, safest would be to either apply fresh Aloe Vera gel plain or one can even mix it with some honey. You could also apply wheat grass paste or two drops of either lavender or tea tree essential oil with a moist cotton wool.
Color Remedy: It is useful to apply a heavy concealer with a brush on the bruise. Apply it with light touches of the brush, yet you need to take care that it’s effective. Application should be on the bruise, and the area around it to blend it into the skin’s natural color. Set with translucent powder finally.

Pimple Scar Mask

Woe 2 – Scars / Pimples:
Nature’s Aid: Homemade herbal masks help reduce pimple scars and blemishes. If scarring is deep, then it would take really long to heal. But general dark blemishes can be cured quickly.

  • If your skin is oily apply mask made of one teaspoon each of tomato juice, cucumber juice and potato juice.
  • If you have normal skin, a mix of one teaspoon of watermelon juice, four teaspoon of oats powder, one teaspoon each of lime juice and orange juice can even out your skin.
  • You can also use a mask made of 2 teaspoons of green gram powder, 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric, two teaspoons of buttermilk and 1/4 teaspoon of orange juice.

Color Remedy: Scars can be covered with a concealer very well by dabbing tiny dots over the scar and then merging them with the skin in the stippling manner. Use a bit of translucent powder to set it. Pimple scars are easily covered by using a cat’s tongue brush to just about cover the pimple scar with concealer… if the scar is deep, one may need to fill it up a bit with concealer similar to applying putty and then following with powder to set in the make-up. Long term solution to this is to use a facial scrub regularly to even out the skin.

Aloe Vera For Burns

Woe 3 – Burns:
Nature’s Aid: For simple burns, apply Aloe Vera gel cut fresh from the plant. It works wonders. An immediate application of lavender essential oil could be another quick solution. When the burn is almost healed, apply vitamin E oil. It helps the scar to fade! But, second and third degree burns will need medical attention and care.
Color Remedy: Burns should be covered only if necessary again using a stippling method and using a brush as the skin is extremely sensitive. Use a puff and dab powder to set the make-up.

Woe 4 – Puffy Eyes / Dark Circles
Nature’s Cure: The skin is very thin and delicate around the eyes. Proper eye care helps save many a trouble. The area below the eyes should be cared for very gently. Excessive rubbing or massaging below can cause lines to develop. Leaving eye make-up at night can result in puffiness around the eyes. Sleeping posture, i.e sleeping on your tummy, could also cause puffiness. The best solution to get rid of puffiness is to place some grated potato on eyes as soon as you wake up for 5-10 minutes. Splash cold water and pat dry. Another simple remedy for puffy eyes and dark circles is to grind some wheat grass and place it as a compress.
Color Remedy: Puffy eyes is a common problem among those over the age of 30. The use of a slice of cucumber or cold raw potatoes or an ice pack does bring down the puffiness. Elizabeth Arden and Clarins have products that help combat puffiness considerably and almost immediately. You can fake the dark circles with a bit of concealer, maybe a shade lighter than the original skin color in a stippling manner and apply it to the area of the dark circle. To even out the skin tone, use a powder foundation.

Cucumber For Dark Circles

Woe 5 – Crow’s Feet:
Nature’s Cure: To combat the problem of crow’s feet you need tyo tone the skin around your eyes. For toning and reducing lines or controlling crow’s feet, gently massage with either some vitamin E oil or almond oil and then gently splash some cool water. You could also apply buttermilk. It helps restore the acid balance of the skin and prevents this problem!
Color Remedy: Use a good undereye gel from Clarins or Estee Lauder. Use it around the eye and or mouth area and leave for 10 minutes before you apply the foundation. Smear the foundation by stretching the skin a bit. When setting the make-up with powder, stretch the skin again.

Woe 6 – Chafing:
Nature’s Cure: Apply a lotion made of 2 teaspoons each of coconut or olive oil, glycerine, cocoa butter and honey to the affected area. Put them in a vessel and place it in another vessel containing very hot water. Mix all ingredients adding 2 teaspoons of rose water. After blending it thoroughly, refrigerate it. Then apply this cool paste on affected areas. Simply rubbing coconut milk mixed with little water can also prevent chafing.
Color Remedy: For skin that is chafing, it’s important to keep it clean and treat it like an open wound. Use a lubricating cream which also works like an antiseptic, recommended by a dermatologist. Do not use make-up on these areas, as it would only aggravate the situation. If chafing occurs around the mouth area, the you should use a water-based lip balm that is petroleum free.

Body Butter For Stretch Marks

Woe 7 – Stretch Marks:
Nature’s Cure: It’s easier to prevent stretch marks than to cure them. Those who are on a weight loss program or those on the onset of pregnancy, should start applying moisturizers regularly on areas that are prone to stretch marks. A lotion made of 1/4 cup of almond oil, 1/4 cup of coconut milk and two teaspoons each of glycerine and cocoa butter or plain homemade butter can help prevent stretch marks. Beat all the ingredients in a blender till it forms a creamy lotion. Refrigerate it. Massage or apply twice daily both before and after a bath at night.
Color Remedy: Stretch marks can be covered with a heavy concealer using the stippling method. Then blend it into the skin with your fingertips. Lastly, set with powder and a bronzer for the flawless look.

Woe 8 – Perspiration:
Nature’s Cure: For a fresh and squeaky clean face, use chilled natural astringents like a grated cucumber or tomato pulp watermelon juice. This will reduce the oiliness and excess swaeting.
Color Remedy: Cosmetics like Blot Powder from MAC or Sheseido’s Powder Foundation absorbs excessive facial sweat. Lakme’s Matt Effect also has a prebase moisture cream that works to keep the skin matt and helps the skin look less shiny from excess sweat.

With these tips the world can be at your pretty feet. So go out there and claim your rightful place at the top.

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