What Does Your New Look Say About You?

What Is Your Look Saying About Your Personality?

Each face has a story to tell. So what is your style statement? And what does it reveal about you? Here are some of the hottest looks of the season and what they communicate…

Go Getter Look

1. Go-Getter:
Style Funda: Brilliantly arched and shaped eyebrows made to stand out by filling them in with a pencil. A hot dark shade for the lips and eyes that are lined and defined. Hair that is pulled off the face to give your facial features enough visibility and prominence.
The Effect: You come across as a woman who is mature and self-confident. You’re at most times sure of what you want and also have the potential to attain your goals. You are also someone who has leadership qualities.
Flaunt It: At formal meetings, gatherings or interviews. After all first impressions do seem to linger in people’s minds.

2. Gal Next Door:
Style Funda: Make-up that brings out the girl in you! You do sport the color pink quite frequently. A shade that matches the girlish giggles. Pretty wide eyes, a pink glossy pout, and rosy cheek hues! Eyebrows that are slightly thick and bushy. You tend to use a white pencil on the insider rim of your eyes to make them appear wide and alert. For your hair you usually sport the messy and uncombed look with soft curls.
The Effect: This look makes you appear approachable and friendly. People around you will feel a certain air of warmth and accessibility. You come across as a person who has her foot firmly on the ground.
Flaunt It: At casual gatherings.Girl Next Door Look

3. Elegance Personified:
Style Funda: The nude look which is understated and well proportioned. A toned-down and well-balanced make-up! You like to sport a flawless complexion and always use a base to even out your skin. You stick to earthy shades and other subdues colors for the rest of your face. A nude gloss, a champagne eyeshadow and just loads of mascara and a hint of cheek hue – and you are all set to go. And hair that is sleek and poker-straight which adds to the sophistication.
The Effect: You come across as a person who is cool as a cucumber, calm and collected, with a charming alluring and polished personality. Truly a woman of substance! Fellow women envy your stylishness and men admire this well composed sophistication. In their book you are someone they will be more than happy to take home to their mother.
Flaunt It: Anytime! This look never fails to make an impact and is the current rage. Bring on your femininity.
Wilder Side
4. The Wilder Side:
Style Funda: Eyes form the focal point of your make-up. The entire look is dramatic and a wee bit loud. You go in for smoky and seductive eyes with a lot of mascara to enhance your lashes along with a minimal blush and a light gloss. You usually use dark eyeshadows like purple, black or even blues. For your hair you would go in for a very unusual hair do or wild touchable spirals.
The Effect:You’re the girl who likes to have a good time. You’re fun and flirty. The look is provocative, but is both inviting and deflecting. You’re always the center of attraction and the life of any party, with huge fan following.
Flaunt It: At a party and for those wild nights out.

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