Latest Hairstyle Trends Along With A DIY Guide

Popular Hairstyle Trends Along With A DIY Guide:

Court old school charm with braids or feel like a rec carpet star with the perfect updo. Here are the biggest hair trends:

Fishtail Braid

1. Big Trend: Braids
Tweak it with: A fishtail braid
Wear it to: Work
Do It How:

  • Gather hair and comb it to disentangle the knots.
  • Instead of three sections to get the usual braid, divide the hair into two equal sections.
  • Take a thin strand from one section of the hair over to the other. Similarly, separate a thin strand of hair from the other section and take it over to the first.
  • Keep placing a strand of hair from one section to the other till you reach the tail end of the hair.

Quick Tip: If you are open to experimenting, try the side-swept braid.
Must-Have Product: Serum to keep the frizz in check.

2. Big Trend: Updo
Tweak It With: A textured Bun
Wear It To: A formal night do
Do It How:

  • Tong your hair into loose curls. This will provide the required texture to the bun.
  • Combo the front section across the forehead and roll it from the tips to the scalp, pinning it behind the ear. This is going to be the
    base of your bun.
  • Divide the rest of your hair into sections and roll and pin each section, one by one, over the base.
  • If you’d like to, you can leave the ends loose instead of pinning them into the bun.

Quick Tip: Try accessorizing with fresh exotic flowers that stay fresh for long.
Must-Have Product: Hair mousse to hold the bun well.

Hair Updo

3. Big Trend: Hair Accessories.
Tweak It With: Fresh flowers, beads or a brooch to steer away from hairbands and Alice bands.
Wear it to: A night out
Do It How:

  • Since the focus is on the accessories, it’s best to not style the hair-avoid texturizing and structurizing.
  • You can leave your hair open with soft curls, or just pin the end up to make it look like an unfinished bob.
  • Place your accessory strategically and you’re set to grab the spotlight!

Quick Tip: A string of beads can double as a hair accessory.
Must-Have Product: A good shampoo and conditioner that will make the hair look naturally beautiful.
Hair Accessories
4. Big Trend: Juxtaposition of sleek and textured hair
Tweak It With: A wild ponytail with a sleek look on the crown.
Wear It To: A brunch or a day event.
Do It How:

  • Comb the hair on the crown and get it to the sleek finish.
  • Fasten it with a thin band.
  • Tong the section of the hair below the band into tight curls.
  • Open up the curls by running your fingers through your hair.
  • If you don’t mind going a little wild, tease the curled hair by back-combing a few strands of hair.

Quick Tip: If this seems too daring, roll a scarf around the section below the band till a little above the tail end. Then curl and tease
the remaining section.
Must-Have Product: Good tongs to get the curls.

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