Wax Woes – Avoid Waxing Problems

Avoid All Your Waxing Problems With Ease:

Here’s how to solve ingrown hair, pimples, rashes and everything else that happens when waxing goes wrong:

Waxed Body
Soothe and Soften: The most common problem faced by your skin is irritation after a waxing job. Which is quite natural considering that each and that each and every point on the skin has been plucked. To prevent rashes, soothe your skin with ice-cold water or a towel dipped in cold water. Then apply a body lotion to soften and relax the follicles. You can also use aloe vera gel, which has natural cooling, anti-septic and moisturising properties.

Let Your Skin Breathe: As a rule, remember to wear loose, soft cottons for at least a couple of days after a waxing job, it relaxes your skin and avoids any irritation afterwards. Loose clothes will also ensure that your skin breathes and heals much faster.

Body Butter

Consult Experts: In case you develop skin problems like excessive pimples, extreme rashes or diseases caused through unhygienic conditions, don’t panic! Go to a dermatologist and get it treated. And for further reference, avoid the parlor you last visited the plague!

Think Alternates: If you are repeatedly allergic to waxing, think of an alternative method that you can use for removing body hair. You can use epilators, depilatory creams or lotions and even lasers for extreme cases.

Avoid Waxing Problems:

Here are tips on how to avoid problems from waxing:


  • Ensure that there is full hair growth.
  • Post wax, cooling gel should be applied for sensitive skin type. Small areas should be treated at one time in such skin types.
  • The temperature of the wax should be comfortable for the skin.
  • The color of the hot wax should be golden. In case it is too dark then the wax is excessively heated. Hot wax is always better than cold wax.
  • The treatment room should be cool to avoid sweating so that the wax sets well on the skin and the strip.
  • The skin should be dry for best results.


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