Grey Hair Makeovers And Solutions

Solutions And Makeovers For Grey Hair

It starts with one or two – then the next thing you know those grey hairs start coming fast. Ignore them, accept them, pluck them, adjust your part to hide them, or color them. You have lots of options. So whether you decide to embrace grey hair or keep it at bay, here’s how to look great in the process:

Grey Hair

Makeover 1: Cover Up Those First Greys:

If you have just noticed a few grey strands and wish to cover them up a great way to blend initial greys is to use a semi-permanent color, but it might happen that the color doesn’t take well and fades away too quickly. Sometimes ultra-fine or ultra-coarse greys are very resistant to color, so you need a heavier pigment to saturate the hair. If you are experiencing something similar, you can opt for this makeover.

Solution: If you do not want a head full of color, you could use a permanent hair color only brushed over the visible greys with a clean mascara spool (a cotton swab also works). Follow with a clear gloss on your hair to maintain shine and give dimension.

Home Care: Clear glosses are a great way to return vitality to hair. To increase and maintain the shiny, glossy effect, it’s advised to apply a shine serum to your mane after you shampoo.

How To Cover Greys:

  • At-home hair color: This is an easy option for natural-looking coverage. Use a shade closest to your original hair hue.
  • Look for a semi-permanent color: If you have only a few starter greys and want no-commitment  color, try semi-permanent color. These stains the hair cuticle but doesn’t fully penetrate the hair shaft.
  • For moderate greying: A demi-permanent color will camouflage and blend in the greys. Demi-permanent color is more potent and penetrates deeper into the hair’s cortex.
  • For 100% coverage: Permanent color is the best bet.

revlon colorsilk

Style Tip: Many at-home hair color brands don’t put the words “semi” or “demi” permanent on the package. Read the small type. If it claims to wash out, it’s semi-permanent. Anything that promises coverage without ammonia or peroxide is demi-permanent.

Products Recommended:

  • L’Oreal Paris’ Excellence Creme: Is perfect for covering greys and promises rich long-lasting color. The triple protection formula also protects your hair.
  • Revlon’s ColorSilk: This is an ammonia-free permanent color that claims to prevent hair damage.
  • Revlon’s Top Speed: This is a five-minute color that’s perfect for the times when you’re in a rush.
  • L’Oreal Paris’ Elvive Caring Shampoo & Conditioner: Protects the color while providing long-lasting radiance.
  • Garnier Multi-Lights Kit:This is a great DIY kit that lets you apply highlights and covers greys in a jiffy.

Makeover 2: Staying Grey –  But Looking Better

Grey Hair

If your hair has started greying from an early age and you are not very much inclined towards permanent  hair coloring, and you have a full gradation of greys in your hair, but the hair at the back of your head is too dark and lacks dimension, you can opt for this makeover.

Solution: You can use a demi-permanent gloss that will fade out gradually over the course of 3-6 weeks, to weave in medium brown and ash blonde tones. These add richness and depth, and flatter your complexion. You can also add some violet to neutralize the yellow casts (if you have them) in your white streaks (as white hair is very porous and stains easily).

Home Care:Silver hair lacks natural oils and is prone to yellowing. Try and opt for a shampoo meant specially for grey hair. Or opt for a shine enhancing shampoo like L’Oreal Paris Elvive Nutri Gloss shampoo. Alternate with a moisturizing or clarifying shampoo and conditioner. Deep-condition weekly and use a frizz-control serum.

How To Grow Out Your Grey Gracefully: 

  • Once your hair is over 50% grey: Consult a professional colorist. It will take several phases to get back to a color-free head of hair, and those in-between stages can be hard for most people. A colorist will help ease the transition.
  • Everyone greys differently: Some greys grow in patchy or have a harsh texture, or the shade of grey doesn’t flatter the complexion. A colorist can adjust the hue to create a harmonious and flattering balance.
  • To eliminate the old color: (Natural or dyed), cut your hair as short as you can comfortably stand. To allow the greys to become more prominent, the colorist may decrease the processing time for your regular hair color, add lowlights for definition, or apply a gloss to give hair shine.
  • Set up a schedule with your colorist:To determine how long the transition will take and how often you’ll need to see her for maintenance, set up a schedule.

Style Tip: Grey hair can wash out skin tone. Berry and pink tones give a pop of color to cheeks and lips. Avoid orange, peach and metallic colors.

Preventing Greys: Genetics and stress are the culprits that cause your color to change.

  • To arrest the advent of grey locks, include protein-rich foods like cereals, soya and meat in your diet.
  • Increase your intake of vitamins A and B as well as iron, zinc and copper.
  • Also you should eat iodine-rich foods like banana, carrots and fish.
  • Boil some dried Indian gooseberry in coconut oil till it turns black. Then apply the mixture to your hair.

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