Different Hair Partings For An Easy New Look

Try Different Hair Partings For A New Look:

A boring hair day and an important meeting at work? Before you start applying Murphy’s nuggets of wisdom on hair-dos, here’s a quick cheat solution to change the way you look. Just section your mane differently and viola! You are transformed. Easy to do, costs neither time nor money (and ensures you never have to deal with another hair-raising day again). Try out these quick stylish parts:

Zig Zag Hair Style

Ziggy Zags: A sexy meander through your mane, zigzag parting adds instant pizzazz to ponytails, pigtails or hair buns. Start with a straight center parting. Use the wide-toothed end of a styling comb to make a triangle of hair on one side and comb it backwards. Move to the other side and repeat the process working your way to the end of the hair parting. Play around with the depth and width of the triangles to create variations. Wear this style only if your hair is dense on the scalp as this has a flattening look.

Criss-Cross: A style that works very well for thin hair, the criss-cross, is the same as zig-zag, but instead of creating a clear line of parting while cutting triangles, you cut an angle on the opposite side and comb the sectioned hair over the parting of the first angle. You get a woven effect in the parting.

Retro Hair

Go Back: For a simple yet stylish look, part your mane on the side. Try either sides for what works best for you. For the 1920’s look, do an extreme side parting. Use gel to smooth flyways and tie up hair in a bun at the nape. For shorter hair, try flat curls. For a 60’s touch, combine the side part with back combing on both sides and out-curls. You can iron-straight your hair, tie ponytails or give them glam waves.

Go Asymmetric: Remember the prim school style of taking the hair parting till the very end of the head? Instead end with a half U-turn in the middle of the part. It instantly makes you look different. Go asymmetric with a diagonal parting, where you start the parting at one corner of the head and finish diagonally opposite, it makes you look younger with some 60’s touch of backcombing and out curls. Try it!

Asymmetric Hair

Get Curvy:Instead of a straight center or side parting, try a curved one! Similar to the U-turn, this has a gentler curve. Experiment with multiple curves to give hair a tangy look. Looks good in elaborate hairdos.

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