Corrective Makeup Tricks To Hide Body Flaws

Favorite Beauty And Makeup Tricks To Correct Flaws:

Over the years we’ve heard millions of pointers about Corrective Makeup, here are some to camouflage your flaws and make you look perfectly beautiful:


1. To Make Your Eye Lashes Look More Lush:

  • Line your upper lash line with a black liner, wiggling the tip of the pencil between your lashes. This darkens the base of your lashes to make them look more plush.
  • One To Try: Avon’s Retractable Glimmersticks Eyeliner In Black.
  • Wing the liner up slightly at the outer corners to lengthen your lash line. Finish with two coats of thickening mascara.

2. To Make Your Cheeks Look More Defined:

  • Blend a bronze blush directly under your cheekbones to make the hollows underneath them look deeper.
  • Make your cheekbones pop by sweeping a rosy blush on them. Then shake your brush clean and use it to blend where the colors meet.
  • One To Try: Chambor’s Sun Bornze 73.


3. To Make Your Lips Look Plumper:

  • Trace a nude pencil along the very outer rim of your mouth, focusing on the corners and the bow of your lips.
  • Apply your favorite shade of lipstick.
  • One To Try: Modicare’s Essential 20 Moisturising Lip Gloss in Golden Frost
  • Dab lip gloss in the center of your bottom lip.

4. To Make Tired Eyes Look Perky:

  • When your eyes are bloodshot and tired, trade in black mascara for a navy.
  • Blue creates less of a contrast than black, so the red will be less obvious.
  • One To Try: Nina Ricci’s Tear Proof Mascara in Bleu Outremer.


5. To Make Eyes Look Bigger:

  • Use a lighter shade of liner on your bottom lash line than you use on your upper lash line. (For example, use black on top and grey on bottom).
  • One To Try: Revlon’s Colorstay Eye Pencil in Grey.
  • Enriching your eye entirely with a dark hue makes it look smaller.
  • Curl your top lashes to open your eyes. A cool curling mascara: Maybelline’s Great Lash Mascara.

6. To Make Your Hair Look Thicker:

  • Sprinkle a bit of baby powder on your roots (pour it in your palm first so you don’t OD).
  • Use a paddle brush to tease hair section by section, then smooth roots with a comb.

Thick Hair

7. To Make Cleavage Look Deeper:

  • Lightly dust bronzing powder between your breasts to accentuate the depth of your divide.
  • Then sweep a lighter shimmer powder over your breasts and collarbone to make your ta-tas look extra round and tantalizing.

8. To Make Your Legs Look Thinner:

  • Mix bronze shimmer powder with moisturizer.
  • Slather it on your legs to make them look instantly more toned and obscure any flaws.

9. To Make Teeth Look Whiter:

  • Lipsticks with blue undertones, like berries and pinks, make yellow teeth look brighter.
  • Test your lip hue on the veins on the inside of your wrist – if it blends in, it has blue undertones.
  • One To Try: Oriflame’s Perfect Wear Lipstick in Plum.

Whiten Teeth

10. To Make Your Tan Look Darker:

  • Wear clothes or accessories that are coral, turquoise, white or neon shades of yellow or green.
  • They’ll accentuate even the tiniest amount of sun=kissed color.

11. To Make Oily Hair Roots Look Clean:

  • Spray your dirty roots with aerosol hair spray.
  • Towel-dry and brush them into place.
  • The alcohol in this all purpose styler zaps the extra oil at your crown for an instant roots refresher.
  • Don’t do it often, as it can dry your hair roots.

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