Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair At Home Easily

Ways To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair At Home Easily:

Hair Removal

  • Topical application of aspirin is an easy way to deal with post-shaving inflammation or skin bumps. Dissolve two tablets in half a cup of water and apply the solution with cotton to the affected area.
  • Since underarm hair grows almost straight, always use vertical strokes while shaving this area – horizontal ones may cause cuts. On the other hand, hair grows horizontally in the bikini area, so alter your shaving moves accordingly.
  • Mix baking soda with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser to make a mild scrub for your limbs – this will help banish flaky skin. This helps you get a closer shave and also avoids ingrown hair while washing.
  • Don’t shave or wax for at least half-an-hour after waking up in the morning. Skin is slightly swollen and more sensitive during this time, making you more vulnerable to nicks and cuts.
  • It’s tempting to slather body lotion onto sensitive, newly waxed skin, but doing so can block pores and encourage ingrown hairs. Instead apply baby powder.
  • To minimize irritation after shaving or waxing, avoid chlorine or salt water for a few hours.
  • To maximize a depilatory’s effectiveness, treat your skin with warm (not hot) compresses, which soften hair, open pores, and allow the formulation to be absorbed better.
  • Instead of simply washing the depilatory away, wipe it off with a towel, using firm back-and-forth strokes. Depilatories dissolve the hair, so applying pressure will give better results.
  • Tweezing eyebrows immediately after a bath is recommended since this is when the skin is soft and most supple.

Methods Of Hair Removal:


1. Bleaching:
What You Need: Bleach Cream
What It Does: Uses lightening ingredients to disguise hair.
Where: Face and lower arms.
Lasts: Up to 2 months.
Pain Factor: Nil – unless you leave it on too long.
Insider Tip: Never bleach immediately after using skin products containing alpha-hydroxy acids, because this can cause scarring.
How: Wash the area to ensure there are no cosmetics on your skin that could react with the chemicals in the bleach. Apply as directed and for as long as stated. Wash off.

2. Tweezing:
What You Need: Tweezers.
What They Do: Pull the hair out at the root.
Where: Best for eyebrows.
Lasts: 4 to 6 weeks.
Pain Factor: It hurts a little, but applying ice before you pluck will numb the pain.
Insider Tip: For the best results choose tweezers with flat, slanted tips rather than pointy ones – they grasp the hair more easily and are less likely to scratch the skin.
How: Quickly and in the direction of hair growth. To avoid over-plucking brows, draw on the end shape you’d like to achieve and stick to this.


3. Shaving:
What You Need: Razor.
What They Do: Cuts the hair at the surface of the skin
Where: Face (for men), underarms and legs – bikini lines and facial hair (for women) aren’t really appropriate for shaving as the hair grows back blunt, making it noticeable on the face and itchy on the bikini line.
Lasts: 1 to 2 days
Pain Factor: Nil unless you slip, but using a single-blade razor minimizes the risk of cuts.
Insider Tip: Use hair conditioner instead of soap – it doesn’t dehydrate your skin.
How: Soak in the bath for 2-3 minutes before you shave. This expands the hair follicles, giving a closer, longer-lasting shave. Apply shaving foam or hair conditioner. Now shave upwards, then downwards. Rinse and moisturize.

4. Depilatory Cream:
What You Need: A cream formulated for the area you’re going to treat.
What They Do: Uses chemicals to dissolve the hair just under the skin’s surface.
Where: Anywhere.
Lasts: 2-3 weeks.
Pain Factor: Nil – though they can smell pretty horrid.
Insider Tip: Apply a little soy milk after you’ve removed the cream – ingredients called serine protease inhibitors stop hair growth and keep you smooth longer.
How: So Simple. Apply as directed, wait as long as the directions tell you and shower off. Avoid hot water and perfumed products on the area for at least three hours after application to reduce the risk of irritation.


5. Waxing/Sugaring:
What You Need: Prepared wax strips; hot wax used with cloth or sugaring solution (normally made from sugar or honey and lemon)
What They Do: Pulls the hair out right at the root.
Where: Anywhere.
Lasts: 4-6 weeks.
Pain Factor: Pretty high, especially around your bikini line. Taking a mild painkiller like aspirin helps.
Insider Tip: Start waxing in winter – hair needs to be at least three millimeters long in order to be waxed properly and you’re less likely to notice this in the winter months. Also, as each waxing this hair, the regrowth will be less noticeable when the summer months arrive.
How: Apply talc to dry up skin oils, which may prevent the wax sticking. Apply wax strips or hot wax and cloth. Leave for two or three seconds, then pull quickly in the direction of hair growth. Remove excess wax with warm water and avoid perfumed products for 48 hours.


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