How To Get The Right Blow-Dry At Home

There is no pick-me-up quite like a blow-dry. No dreaded frizz, your hair all straight and stylish or wavy and wow, that beautiful bounce and that oh-so-fresh smell. It’s  a beauty appointment you just don’t want to miss! And you walk out of the salon feeling great about your hair and yourself. But sometimes salon trips are tough to squeeze into hectic days. And since blow-dry is one of the best DIY beauty fixes, all you need is the right gear and a few extra minutes.

Blow Dry

The markets are flooded with a zillion hair dryers to choose from. There’s bonnet, ceramic, professional, portable and iconic. And we haven’t even started on the brands! But choosing the right dryer need not be a nightmare. Here are some tips to help you pick right:

  • Wattage is important. It should be of at least 1,750 watt. For thick hair, you need a dryer of 1900-2000 watt.
  • Considering the hair type is important. Those with curly hair should buy a dryer with diffuser.
  • If you use your dryer to straighten your hair, go for ceramic and tourmaline technology (which promotes smooth and shiny hair as it emits negative ion crystals)
  • straight hair-nozzle is important.
  • Your dryer must have variable speeds and heat control.
  • Consider the weight of the dryer – heavy or light, depending on what you prefer.

With the perfect dryer in your dresser, all you need now is a set of simple steps to get started.

Step 1: Apply serum on wet hair from root to the tip.

English: Toshiba bland hairdryer 日本語: 東芝製のヘアドライヤー

English: Toshiba bland hairdryer 日本語: 東芝製のヘアドライヤー (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Step 2: Divide the hair into four parts. Section these off with clips.

Step 3: Begin with the back section and use a paddle brush to straighten the hair. Use a round brush to give the hair texture and volume.

Top Tip: Pull the brush down the hair shaft while aiming the blow-dryer from above. Pointing the heat down the hair shaft will create a smoother look. Use medium heat and low speed to avoid damaging your hair.

Repeat step 3 until every section is dry and straight.

Keep These Ready:

  • Straightening balm
  • Blow-dryer
  • Heat protection spray or anti-frizz serum
  • Towel
  • Shampoo
  • Deep conditioner
  • Ceramic flat iron


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