How To Create ‘Nude Makeup’ Look

In Vogue Look: Clear, bright colors of spring appear to have inspired make-up artists and designers for this year’s seasonal looks. Unusual combinations of glitz and glimmer are being applied to eyes and lips. At the same time, the trend towards sporting a more natural look is still popular. This makes way for ‘nude’ tones in make-up to give the face a natural glow.

MAC Makeup
How To Get This Look:

  • To get the natural look of the season, avoid using dark shades and opt for light tones and pastel pinks or peaches.
    Brand Recommended: For a long stay (more than 12 hours) and 100% waterproof foundations, one can use Kryolan foundation sticks or MAC Powder foundation.
  • Eyes can be highlighted with ivory shimmer shade. On the eyelids one can use a single shade on the lines of earthy pink and peaches, with loads of mascara and a thin eyeliner.
    Brand Recommended: Swish (MAC), Ladies Night (BnD), BB-85 (Bobbi Brown)
  • For Lips, first use a balm to help move your lip pencil smoothly and fill in with the lip liner. Use natural or nude pinks and browns, and a nude shimmery gloss over them for evenings out.
    Brand Recommended: The shades are Velvet Coy (BnD), Angel (MAC), BB-221 (Bobbi Brown)
  • Finally, highlight the cheek bones with peach or rose pink shades. For the evening one can add shimmer powder or bronzer over them to give a glamorous look.
    Brand Recommended: Captive (BnD), Trixie (MAC), Rose Pastle (Bourjois) and shimmer pallette of Bobbi Brown.

MAC Makeup

Tips For This Look:

  • The magic of blush powders is obvious. Blush make-up is a fast-fix. It warms up the skin, contours the cheek, exaggerate an attractive hollow, and ideally creates a glow on your face that looks like it comes from within. Never judge a blush powder just by looking at it. Cosmetics and face blushes are found in different shades and textures. Test your blush powder on the inside of your forearm if you are wearing make-up already.
  • Choose a foundation and concealer that works for you. The goal should be to match your skin tone as closely as possible with your concealer. To conceal acne, spider veins, scars or tattoos, be sure to blend. Never use an uncleaned concealer applicator on your face as it will foster bacteria and you’ll end up with a face full of spots which may require treatment.



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