How Much Lotion To Apply To Get Healthy Skin

Are you scrubbing your face too often? I will tell you exactly how much lotion to apply to get that healthy skin..

Moisturizer Maze: Moisturize only when you need to. Change in climate, season, diet or even mood will affect the amount of moisturizer your skin needs, so judge according to the condition of your skin.
How Much: Enough to cover your parched skin. Wait for about 15 minutes and wipe off the excess with a tissue else it will attract dust and grime.
How Often: It depends on your skin type, age and the climate. During summer, if the climate is dry, so you will require double the amount of moisturizer than a place that has a humid climate.


No Excess Wash: There are different types of face washes in the market. Be sure to buy the right one for your skin type.
How Much: The quantity should be enough so that it can lather up foam on a wet face. The lather cleanses up the grime and dirt collected during the day.
How Often: For oily skin, start and end the day with face wash. Those with dry skin need to wash their face only once a day, preferably in the evening to clean the grime collected during the day.

Balm On And On: Lips are the only area of the face without any pores. Which means that they cannot absorb moisture like your face can. Avoid applying lipstick when your lips are dry as that will make them drier. Also, cleanse and exfoliate your lips before applying your lip balm.
How Much: Just enough to coat the lips.
How Often: Apply lip balm to dry and chapped lips, several times a day. That is the only way to save them from further drying.
A Natural Lip Balm: Mix an equal mix of coconut and almond oil and bottle it for constant use.

Lip Balm

Don’t Scrub: Again the use of scrub totally depends on your skin type, age and skin condition. Someone with acne should avoid scrubbing totally.
How Much: The amount should be enough to create a thin layer on the face. A thick layer is just a waste.
How Often: Once or twice a week is more than enough. Keep it on for a maximum of five minutes. Always dab the face with milk or water after removing the scrub.

Steam: Steaming the face opens up the pores, and sometimes it makes it difficult to close the pores again resulting in dirt getting in and causing more blackheads.
How Much: Apply steam with a damp hot towel wrapped around your face never with a steamer or apn. And the towel should also stay on for maximum one minute.
How Often: Just before you remove your blackheads, to open your pores.

Facial Scrub

Night Cream: Apply night cream only when you require it only and not because you bought the bottle.
How Much: Never sleep with any kind of cream on the face. Always apply your night cream half an hour before lying down to sleep. This way, you can wipe off the excess after whatever is required has penetrated in the pores. The excess will only attract dirt to your face, even when you are sleeping.
How Often: If your skin feels fresh after a face wash, you can jump off the night cream totally. It is not a definite requirement.

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