Guide To Make Your Simple Clothes Dazzle On Your Night Out

Make your clothes dazzle in the dark with dime-sized danglers in metal, plastic and stone! Feather Dress

1. Look One: Beads and Combs:
Flirt with feathers, laces, beads and stones for a fun, bohemian look for a disco night out.

  • Glam up a lacy dress with delicate strings of stone, stitch them to the shoulder straps or on the sleeves and hemline.
  • Play the tease by contrasting soft feathers with randomly placed beads and shells.
  • Your mini gets playful as it takes on a colorful medley of fringes, frills, plastic sequins and beads on the hem. Create a contrasting colored hemline add-on with beads, plastic sequins and false fringes and stitch to your dress hemline.

2. Look 2: Sequin Rain:
Dress your formal wear with all-over sequins. Keep it neat, understated and sexy.

  • If you are heading straight from work, then wear over your work blouse, a separate dripping with sequins all over it. You could stick gold/silver sequins in straight lines or in patterns. Stick to matte sequins for work and fire away with disco disco sequins at night.
  • If it is chilly outside you could opt for a sporty hood jacket made glamorous with hexagonal black sequins to add to the glamor.
  • You could also use  pale gold square sequins to beautify your batwing sleeved loose shirt and just slip it on over your regular clothes.
  • You could also stitch all over the silhouette of your skirt for a dramatic effect. A similar technique can be used on a top to create waves of sequins. Pair it with a pale golden skirt/or a black one for a shining effect.Disco Look 2

3. Look 3: Get Sparkling:
Drape your body in delicate weaves of stones and dreams:

  • Your elegant gown gets a luminous makeover with haute weaves of sequins, stones and glitters. Stitch stones, beads and danglers of a silk net drape and wear it over your gown.
  • You could stitch stone and beads necklace into the strap of your backless dress. The necklace will sensually dangle down the back.
  • You could simply add sequins to the bust line of your bustier dress.
  • Dime sized silver sequins also add glamor when added to the hemline of short dresses.

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