Smoothen Flyaway Frizzy Hair Easily

No time for elaborate mane care routine? The solution for all your hair problems is a leave-in conditioner that will work magic on your looks and smooth frizzy, flyaway hair easily.

Leave-In, Lock-In: To lock in moisture, combat curls and protect your hair from the abuse of frequent blow drying, chlorinated water, chemical hair treatments and consistent exposure to sun. All these factors leave locks, dry, brittle and scaly. To soothe your hair, you can use a leave-in conditioner. Too much conditioner leaves the hair limp – sounds familiar? If you have fine hair, you can skip the after-shampoo conditioner totally. Instead try a light, leave-in conditioner. Spray it on as a mist after toweling your hair dry.

Hair Conditioner

Leave-In Nine-To-Nine:What if you forget to bring it out after your bath? You can still spray it on later when the hair is dry, but the product works best when the hair is moist. Then it acts as both a de-tangler for your looks  and as a protector – preventing your tresses from becoming toasted in the sun. If you work manic hours or with your toddlers, a lightweight, leave-in conditioner is the quickest solution for grooming your disheveled mop in the rushed mornings. It has a dual function. Apart from helping you manage and style your strands more effectively, it gives them an unbeatable shine throughout the day.

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Leave-In The Right Way: If split ends, damaged strands and truly unruly frizz are your daily nightmare, take your pick from the multitude of conditioners jostling on the shelves at every supermarket. Packed with special nutrients like wheat protein, avocado extracts, lime juice and aloe, the products hydrate your hair and combat split ends easily. Remember to blot your shampooed hair with a towel to soak up the excess moisture, as too much water dilutes the conditioner excessively, minimising its benefits. A little goes a long way. The best way is to rub a blob of the product into the palms of your hands for even distribution. Then smoothen along the length of your strands. You must steer clear of the roots. As a rule, all conditioners need to be applied starting about two inches from the scalp. This prevents the oils in the conditioner from being absorbed into the scalp. If you feel the product leaves your hair limp on thorough application, try layering it on the middle section of your mane and at the ends. This makes sure your hair doesn’t become crackling crisp, following the blow dry or application of other potions like mousse, gel, balms and finishing solutions.

Leave-In Conditioner

After application of this conditioner if you use the dryer your hair will feel silky yet not coated. Your mane will look bouncier, exude a sensational shine and look sleek. But if your hair is coarse and dry, stick to your formulated conditioner post the hairwash. Then apply a leave-in conditioner additionally, for better texture. This works well for extremely frizzy hair. The leave-in product acts like a smoothening balm.

What is most important is that you find a product that suits your hair type and makes you happy with the results.

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