A Simple Skin Cleansing Regimen Before Bedtime

If dinner and TV are the only things on your bedtime routine, it’s time to add a night beauty workout to replenish and moisturize the body to that list.Clean Skin

Ban the dullness: Wash your face with a mild cleanser and then dab on rose water – it acts as a cleanser and as well as a skin freshener. If you feel stressed and fatigued, put a few drops of lavender oil in your bath and inhale while you bathe. A paste of sandalwood powder mixed with lavender oil and cucumber water is excellent in rejuvenating tired and dull skin. Leave on till dry and then wash off. If you don’t have time for all this, splash rose or cucumber water on your face and feel the difference. Or choose from a variety of night care products – H2O, Garnier, Kaya Skin Clinic, Forest Essentials, Neutrogena etc. Apply Neem and sandal paste on pimples at bedtime to control them and also get rid of marks left behind. Clove paste in water helps control pimples.

Foot Soak

Fill Up: Soak tired feet in warm water with salt and lavender oil. Five minutes with the foot cleanser and you have a pedicure! Even better, get someone to scrub and massage your feet. Light aroma incense in a dimly lit room, and soak your feet in warm water. Follow up with a scrub massage, exfoliation and pedicure.

Shine Up: Sleepless nights leave fine lines, dark circles or puffy bags under the eyes. Apply grated cucumber mixed with carrot juice to reduce sagging skin. For instant relief from puffy eyes or tiredness, apply a mixture of boric powder dissolved in cold water. Improve sleep quality by playing soft soothing background music. Avoid strenuous cardiovascular exercise in the evening. This elevates your stress hormones and raises your body temperature, making it difficult to fall asleep. Try relaxing yourself and your skin with meditation or a good book.

Tips For Before You Switch Off:

Make cleansing, toning and moisturizing a must in your daily routine:Washing Face

  • Smear Vaseline liberally on the lips. An alternative is glycerine and rose water.
  • Get glowing by dipping cotton in cold raw milk and rubbing it all over the face.
  • An aromatic citrus splash will give you an instantly fresh feeling.
  • Keep a hand and foot cream by your bedside. Use a liberal amount to give yourself a hand and foot massage before you doze off.
  • Try to keep your meals light. For easy digestion, eat at least two hours before your retire to bed.
  • Steam a face towel and press over your face to open the pores. Then, when you apply a lotion or herbal paste, it will sink in and yield better results.
  • Concentrate on a good night’s sleep while you meditate; you shall get it.

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