Hot Makeup Looks That Are In Vogue

Bright and bold is in fashion. Put your best face forward and let makeup do the talking. Choose from the hottest colors and get perfectly made-up and co-ordinated looks, from lip gloss to accessories, read on to find out which look you wish to go for.

Hot Pink Look:

For instant glam, smear on a coat of hot pink lipstick and smudge on smoky black eyeshadow.

  • Lips: If you have a fair skin tone, go for a bright pink with lots of gloss. But a hot pink wouldn’t work if you have a darker Hot Pink Lookcomplexion – choose a dull, pale, old rose pink. Muted pink minus the ‘hotness’ or magenta would work well. A glossy look is good for the day but if you’re dressing for the evening, choose a creamy matte.
  • Eyes: A smoky black or grey complements pink lips. Apply the eyeshadow on your eye socket with a brush and blend it outwards. Complete the look with black, lash defining, volumizing mascara. Apply kohl on the inside of your eye.
  • Cheeks: A shade with a hint of apricot suits this look, if your skin tone is wheatish. It adds warmth to the face but is muted at the same time. You could also use face dusting powder with a slight shimmer. But remember, never to choose a blush or dusting powder that is darker than your skin tone – it will make you look artificial.
  • Nails: A pale pink or hot pink would match perfectly. But if you want to make your nails dramatic, go for pop colors, vibrant metallic shades or even jet black.
  • What To Wear: If there’s too much of pink happening in your makeup up and clothes, highlight this look with chocolate browns, vintage reds and purples.

Metallic Look:

Metallic Makeup Look

Use these showy colors on your eyes and lips for a dazzling look. Smoky metallic eyes are very hot.

  • Eyes: Metallic eyeliners in copper, bronze, burnt orange, purple, grape and magenta with a hint of smoke are the colors to look for. If you’re in the mood to experiment, use two contrasting shades of metallic eyeliners. Not only will it create an interesting look, it will add depth to the eyes. But remember, the colors should not be widely contrasting – they should be complementary, from the same color family. Adding a touch of kohl will enhance the eye, but underplay it – kohl is not the center of the story here. You can use mascara if you like but go for a black, lash-defining one.
  • Lips: If you’re going for dramatic, smoky eyes, underplay the lips by choosing a shade in creamy matt with a hint of metal.
  • Cheeks: Go for a shimmery blush that matches the metallic tone you have chosen-you could either pick a gold-bronze shade or a silver-pink one. Remember it should be subtle and not a very strong color.
  • Nails: Choose a shade that matches the colors of your accessories or clothes rather than makeup. Again, it shouldn’t shout metallic, but just have a hint of metal.
  • What to Wear: Choose hues that contrast with your makeup. But don’t overplay the metallic quotient!

Striking Scarlet Look:

Tempted by the vivid hue but too scared to try it? Here is how you can carry off this striking look with ease.Scarlet Look

  • Lips: Choosing the right shade is the most important. If you have a lighter complexion, go for a bright scarlet shade-don’t worry, it’ll suit you! But if you have a darker skin tone, look for a maroon-red. Don’t go for gloss – matt finish is in. Wear it right; apply one coat of the lip shade and then dab it off with a tissue. The lip color will look more like a stain and will give a smudged effect. If you want gloss, apply lipgloss only at the center of the lips.
  • Eyes: Contrast the lips with a yellow-gold eyeshadow – a shade that blends in well with our skin color. Use a brown liner to highlight the eyes. Outline the eye but swing the liner outwards towards the end of the eyebrow at a 45-degree angle. Finish with black mascara.
  • Cheeks: Highlight the cheeks with peachy tones (lighter skin) or bronze shimmer (darker skin).
  • Nails: Go for a paint that has a hint of red. But in case there is already too much color, a French manicure will add a touch of elegance.
  • What To Wear: Red always makes a style statement and if you’re confident to carry off red lips, make the most of it by wearing more of the same shade. But for an eye-popping combination, try accessorizing your look with yellow gold.

Exotic Blue:

A blue shade on the eyes suits most skin tones, but choose the color carefully – remember, it’s not a bright or soft blue, this is a midnight blue, almost black that you need to look for to add to that exotic party look.

  • Eyes: To get the look, cover your eyelid with a nude eyeshadow. Follow it up with black kohl on the inside of your eyes. Dab on Blue Makeupthe dark blue eyeshadow on a dome-shaped brush or a sponge-tipped brush and smoke out the kohl. Next, apply black eyeliner on your upper eyelid and before it dries out, with the dome-shaped brush, blend in the navy eyeshadow. The final effect will be dark blue rimmed eyes with hints of black. If you want to jazz up the look for the evening use dark blue mascara on the tips of your lashes.
  • Lips: Use a pinkish-nude gloss, if you’re dressing for an evening out, substitute it with an old rose lip shade.
  • Cheeks: Get a healthy glow with a pinkish blush. But be sure to choose a shade that matches your skin tone or you might look over made-up.
  • Nails: If you want more color, you could use a pale pink or even a blue. But for an elegant look, go for a French manicure.
  • What to wear: Blue and pink are, of course, obvious options. But if you really want the look to stand out, accentuate it with black, silver and white accessories. But don’t match this look with greens, reds or purples.

Elegant Mauve:
If you’re tired of experimenting try this versatile shade that can be worn on eyes, lips, and cheeks. You cannot go wrong  with smoky, mauve eyes and lighter lips.Mauve Makeup Look

  • Eyes: Use a dark mauve, almost purple eyeshadow. Once you’ve applied it, blend it with a little black in the corner of the eye. Kohl always enhances the eyes, but use it only if it suits you. Add finishing touches with volumizing black mascara. Use a frosted white shade with a tinge of pink as a highlighter under the eyebrows. This will make the eyes stand out.
  • Lips: For a fair skin tone, choose a deep plum or grape. A muted mauve is perfect for darker skin tones. The rule of thumb is to never use a dark mauve for wheatish or dark complexion to avoid looking overdone.
  • Cheeks: A pinkish blush works for lighter skin tones. For darker skin, sweep your cheekbones with a blush that has hints of mauve.
  • Nails: A light mauve, almost pink, is perfect to complement the look. You could go for a glossy shade but mauve in matt always looks classier.
  • What to wear: Mauve-colored accessories are a great way to highlight your look. But for a striking combination, you can wear cool colors like soft greens, peachy pinks and turquoise. Warm colors like bronze, orange and gold are a complete no-no.

Different Makeup Looks, Create Different Looks With Makeup

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