Solutions For A Bad Haircut

We’ve all had to live through one at some point or the other in our lives. But thankfully a bad haircut will eventually grow out unlike some other things that you may be stuck with for life! But what do you do in the mean time, you ask? We give you a few ways to transform your haircut from ragged to ravishing! First and foremost – smile. If you smile enough, maybe no one will notice your bad haircut. Add just in case that does not work, try the following.

Restyle, Reset Your Hair: Your haircut may not be not all that bad. Your stylist probably just styled it in a way that makes it look funny or your face look fat. Go home and wash it out. Get out some of your favorite products and restyle your hair in a way you like best.

Bad Haircut

Accessorize: Scarves, hair bands, scrunchies, pretty bobby pins, are now your best friends. Find a way to tie or clip your hair in a way that flatters your face. While you can tie up longer hair using a pretty scrunchie, shorter hair may require some more creativity. Use pretty or funky accessories according to your style and draw attention to the accessory rather than your haircut. Bobby pins are some of the best accessories to use when it comes to disguising a bad haircut. Now available with butterfly motifs and with jewelled stones, these make for great accessories. Remember the shorter the hair, the smaller the pin.

Bobby Pins

Rebond, Curl, Perm: Invest in a set of curlers or straightening irons. Disguise your bad hair cut by curling your hair. Since curly hair is less likely to show layer growth, this will hide your layers. Use a curling iron for best results. For shorter hair try flat irons. Short pixie style hair has a tendency to get a bit frizzy and narrow flat irons are perfect for styling.

Color, Streak, Highlight: Go back to your stylist and get him/her to color or streak your hair in a way that will make it look better. Make sure your stylist places the highlights in a way that will minimise the damage done.

Gels, Serums, Conditioners: Anti-frizz serums, conditioners, straightening gel, curl enhancing serum etc are just some of the products you can use to style your hair while it is growing out.

Solutions To A Bad Haircut

How To Ensure A Great Haircut: Many a times a bad haircut is just the result of some miscommunication. The best way to minimize this is to know what you want – don’t just sit in the chair and tell your hairdresser to do whatever he/she wants. Find pictures of the haircut you want and take them along with you. While you may otherwise be unable to put into words exactly what you want, the picture will do exactly that for you. Discuss the type of haircut you want with your stylist. The kind of cut that you want may not be suitable for your face. Ask your stylist to customize the haircut to suit your features.

But before you go and do anything drastic in a bid to make this better, call a good friend over, one who will give you an honest opinion and ask her if it is really all that bad. Most times people tend to blow a bad haircut out of proportion.


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