Get Celebrity Hairstyle At Home – Fergie

Are you a blonde and crave for Fergie Hairstyle?

Style Notes: It’s all about bounce and curls with the ‘Fergalicious’ singer. She has a blonde layered hair cut on which she uses vertical curls to give both volume and length.

Get Fergie Hairstyle

Get The Look: Start with applying a styling cream or mousse for volume and then blow dry. Put rollers in your hair in the downward direction. Once you’ve removed the rollers, use your fingers to open up the curls and back comb a bit at the roots for some additional volume around the crown area.

Special Tip: If you have black/ brown hair don’t worry, go two levels lighter than your natural base on your full head color and then highlight it with any color from blonde to honey. Get fresh ones done when the highlights grow out.

Get Fergie Hairstyle Easily

Style Alternatives: This hairstyle is versatile. Try a poker straight look or blow dry to give volume without scrounging it. If your hair is naturally curly simply apply a gel to towel-dry hair and end with a serum.

Extra Care: Use a big round bristle brush and a professional hairdryer to dry the section and lock the curls in. Finish with a hairspray.

Fergie Hairstyle

Shopping For The Look:

  • Biolage Fortifying Shampoo (200ml), $3
  • Biolage Fortifying Conditioner (100ml), $2.4
  • H2O Bath Aquatics Natural Spring Conditioner to maintain the hair’s strength and manageability, $14.9
  • Matrix Vital Repair Color Care Therapie, $6.5
  • Wella Biotouch Volume Protein Mask, $5.7
  • Matrix Mousse Trix to give volume (250ml) $6
  • Wella High Hair Add Some Body blow dry gel to add volume (200ml), $8.7
  • Keune Root Volumizer for instant volume through the roots that stays till the next wash, $9
  • Toni & Guy Rough it Texturising Spray to get a scrunchy look, $8
  • Toni & Guy Boost it Mousse (500ml), $13.6
  • Toni & Guy Matt Paste, $17
  • Avon Naturals Restoring and Nourishing Shampoo with Conditioner, $1

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