How To Choose Your Accessories

Accessories are meant to accentuate your look, not make you stand out among well-dressed, well-accessorized people. Although it is understandable that the twinkle of baubles and trinkets is utterly bewitching, and that bags and shoes have a charm so potent, it’s impossible to resist. But really, it’s unlikely this is your last opportunity to wear them. Remember, when it comes to accessories, less is more. And that’s not the only thing you need to know. Here’s the rest:

  1. Accessories are your friends. You can get a whole new look just by accessorizing differently. What that means is that you don’t Choose right accessorieshave to spend a bomb on a new wardrobe, just a few carefully selected accessories will give you the style makeover you need.
  2. Sunglasses: When you go shopping for your next pair of Dior shades, the rule of thumb is to choose a shape that’s the opposite of your face shape (unless you want to exaggerate that shape). In terms of size, match the sunglasses with the size of your face. So, if you have a small face with delicate features, pick small-sized frames and if your face is large with bold features, bigger sunglasses are what you need.
  3. Earrings: With earrings, let your face shape guide you again. If you have a round face, long earrings will help to elongate the shape, while hoops and small studs will only emphasize roundness. Those of you with square faces and angular jaws should shop for earrings with round shapes (like hoops) in medium to long lengths. Stay away from geometric, sharply-angled styles. And if you have an oval face, you can wear almost all styles, with teardrops and studs being especially flattering.
  4. Belts: Belts have been all the rage for the past few seasons and if you still haven’t got your belt style right, pay attention. If your belly is big and jiggly, wear medium-sized belts with non-chunky buckles just below the waist but not so low that they become a harness for your stomach. If it’s your hips that are big, wear your belt higher up on the empire line over shirts, tunics and dresses. Those of you blessed with an hourglass figure can best emphasize their figure by wearing belts on the true waist. Just remember, thick belts, create a dramatic, waist-narrowing look as they cinch your body like a corset. Skinny belts are great with feminine dresses and separates, while extra long wraparound belts look super stylish on blouses and shirts.
  5. Shoes: Have you ever seen a woman in flats look seriously glam? Don’t think so. High heels will make you look sexy and alluring, and that’s true for all body types. Flats are good to go to the park or the beach or the local shops or to walk to work in. Then it’s time to get back into the heels. Just make sure that they’re the right size, don’t have poorly balanced heels, and ensure your pedicures are taken care of.
  6. Handbags:A woman can never have enough handbags. But, if for some reason, you can only have just so many, these are the ones you’ll want:
    • A neutral-colored classic handbag for office
    • A dressy clutch for evening
    • A casual tote to take shopping
    • A trendy sling or hoho to carry when you’re out with friends
    • An eco-friendly cloth bag to carry your etcetras.

    A rule of thumb is to not choose handbags that accentuate your not-so-great bits. If you are pear-shaped, avoid bulky satchels that end at your hips and if you are top-heavy, a long-slung handbag is a better option that the kind you have to hold under your arm.

Choose Right Accessories

And finally, once you’re dressed and accessorized, stand in front of the mirror and take a good hard look at yourself. Then remove one accessory. Now you’re good to go.

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