Step By Step Guide For This Perfect Every Day Look With Makeup

Shed heavy makeup and go for a fresh, clean feel this summer with this step-by-step guide for the perfect everyday look:

1. Soft Blush:

Gives your cheeks a healthy youthful glow.

To Apply: Smile and sweep outwards from the apple of your cheeks all the way to the temples. Stroke the brush across the cheeks several times to blend in the color.

2. Golden Bronzer:

Adds a soft sheen. Makes your face appear narrower and creates an illusion of high cheekbones.

To Apply: Always use a contour brush, as it is angled and takes the shape of the face. Apply the bronzer one finger space below your cheekbone.

Everyday Makeup

3. Copper Eyeshadow:

The color adds brightness to your eyes without competing or clashing with the rest of your makeup.

To Apply: Close your eyes and stretch your eyebrow. Put your brush on the center of your eyelid and move it towards your nose. Then, sweep back to the center and move towards the outside. Finally move your brush in a full 360-degrees circle three or four times to blend the color.

4. Gold Highlights:

Defines the shape of the eyebrows.

To Apply: Place the brush right below the arch of your eyebrow. Move towards the outside, along the brow, and then back to the center and all the way to the nose.

5. Waterproof Mascara:

Black mascara thickens and darkens the lashes.

To Apply: Move the brush in a zigzag motion across the upper lashes. Start from the center of your eyelashes and apply evenly all over. Concentrate on the tips. Apply on the lower lashes only if necessary.

6 & 7. Soft Coral Lipgloss and Neutral Beige Lipgloss:

Makes your lips look fuller and adds the “wow” factor.

To Apply: Use a lip brush, if necessary. Apply evenly on both lips, if you want to tone down the look, you can blend in a beige.

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