The Eyecare Equipment Kit – What You Need For Complete Eye Makeup

Creating beautiful eyes means choosing the right types of product – here’s what you will need:

Eye Shadows:

  • Matt Powder Eye Shadows: Perfect for naturals and brights, matt powders suit everybody. For a deeper color, apply them with a damp brush.
  • Shimmery Eye Shadows: These add glamor to eyes but are better suited to younger skin, as any specks falling into fine lines and wrinkles will highlight the problem.
  • Cream Eye Shadows: Quick and easy to use, but can wear off quickly. Apply a little translucent powder underneath to help set them. Creams aren’t ideal for older eyes as they may disappear into folds and lines.


  • Thickening Mascaras: These plump out the lashes from root to tip, creating a wider-looking lash.
  • Lengthening Mascaras: These work by adding fibers to the tips of the lashes, making them longer.
  • Curling Mascaras: These shrink on the lashes, giving them a natural curl.
  • Waterproof Mascaras: Great for beach days or weddings, but they can be drying. Removing them is a chore too, so they shouldn’t be worn every day.


Eyeliners: Used to line under and above the eyes, these should be soft and smudgy to ensure you don’t need to scrub at the eyes when applying.

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Brow Gel: Most of us ignore our eyebrows but they really define the face. Brow gel helps keep them in shape.

Eye Makeup Remover: It’s essential to remove eye makeup with a specialist remover. Try to find one that’s oil-free.

Eyeshadow Brush: A flat, centimeter-wide eye shadow brush is great for applying soft-looking shadow. A short handle gives more control and helps stop flecks falling on your cheeks.

Eyeshadow Applicator: For more intense looks, sponge applicators give a greater depth of color. Choose one with a soft foam tip and a short handle.

Eyelash Comb: If you want to apply mascara without clumping, an eyelash comb is a must. Use it while lashes are still wet. You can buy metal eyelash combs, but plastic is safer because it isn’t as sharp. And always brush downwards to lessen the risk of scratching your eyes.

Eyelash Curlers: Curling eyelashes will help make your eyes look wider and brighter. Metal curlers are better than plastic; you should replace your curlers (or at least the pad that touches the eyelid) every six months.

False Eye Lashes

False Eyelashes: These are a great way to get instant glamour. Full sets are much easier to apply than individual lashes.

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