Eyebrow Grooming and Makeup

Eyebrow Grooming: Most people tend to ignore their eyebrows completely. Or sometimes, which is usually even worse, they will overpluck them. When it comes to eye make-up, the eyebrows make a very important impression. They can provide a balanced look to your face so it’s well worth making the effort to master the techniques and to get them looking right. There has never been a stronger style trend than immaculately groomed eyebrows. For those lucky enough to have perfectly arched brows, a slick of petroleum jelly is enough to give them sleekness and stop any stray hairs from sticking up. However, the majority of women have tried at some point to alter their natural brow, with varying degrees of success.eyebrows

A common problem is over plucking – eventually the follicles know when they are beaten and give up producing any hair at all. So a key point to remember when grooming your brows is not to aim for a thin, unnatural line, but to remove only the hairs from below the brow bone, or any that form between the brows over the bridge of the nose. Long brow hairs can be trimmed with scissors rather than pulled out and smoothed down with a brow wax.

Experts recommend plucking your brows after a warm shower as this is when pores are open and the hair removal will be less painful. If you are in any doubt about plucking your own brows, have it done once professionally and then follow their good work during maintenance. Brow pencils give color and depth to lighter brows, but always choose a shade close to your natural hair color.

How To Pluck Eyebrows:

  • Find where your brow should go. To do this take a long eyeshadow brush and hold it straight up, resting lightly against your nostril. Where the tip meets the brow is where it should start.
  • Now find the end of your brow by holding the brush diagonally into the brow from the corner of your eye. Where the inside edge of the pencil hits is where your brow should end.
  • The best eyebrows have a slight arch. To work out where yours should go, hold the brush so the inside edge is on the outside of your iris (the colored part of your eye). Where the brush meets the eyebrow is the point where the highest part of your brow should be.
  • Now it’s time to pluck. Using the brightest light and best mirror you’ve got, pluck any stray hairs. Remember to pull quickly and in the direction of hair growth. Wipe over the brows with a little witch hazel. This will sterilize the open follicles.

Get Perfectly Groomed Natural Eyebrows In An Instant: Try combing through them with a brush to flick away any powder or foundation. Comb the hairs upwards and outwards. This will also help give you a wide-eyed look. Then lightly slick them with clear gel to hold the shape in place.

Define Your Eyebrows With Powder Or Pencil Color:

  1. To Define your brows you can use eyebrow powder or pencil. Apply powder with an eyebrow brush, dusting it through your brows and taking care not to sweep it on the surrounding skin. This gives a natural effect, and requires little blending.
  2. Alternatively use a well-sharpened pencil to draw on tiny strokes, taking care not to press too hard or the finished effect will be unnatural.
  3. Then soften the lines you’ve made with the eye pencil by lightly stroking a clean cotton bud (swab) through your brows.

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