Different Looks With Eyeliners

Follow these easy eyeliner tips that showcase your oh-so-expressive eyes.

Look 1 : Daytime Casual

Line only the upper, outer eyelid.

  • Dot the liner onto your top lid, getting as close to your eyelashes as possible.
  • Use a cotton swab/a small makeup brush/the sponge tip that is on the opposite end of some liner pencils to blend the dots together so the make-up looks natural and almost undetectable. I like this look with no eye-shadow and no mascara.

Eyeliner Looks

Look 2: Perfect For Work

  • Apply a neutral eye-shadow
  • Next, line just the very outer corners of your upper and lower lashes, using the dot-on-then-connect method.
  • Blend together the liner at the corners of your eye, in an angled V-shape.
  • Smudge the liner so that a hard line is not visible.

Recommended: Revlon Colorstay liner is the perfect choice for this look.

work look with eyeliner

Look 3: Evening Out

  • Apply a light-colored, shimmery shadow in the half of your eye.
  • Next, use a darker shade from the midpoint to the edge and upto the crease.
  • Now apply liner on the upper outer lid with a light hand. Use the dot method or short, quick strokes of tiny lines connected together.
  • Do the same on the bottom outer lid. Smudge the line on top and bottom lids. When you use a creamy pencil liner, pair it with powdered eye-shadow for added staying power. This is another reason why eye pencils are preferred to liquid eyeliners.

party eyeliner look


Opt for darker shades such as Mahogany, Charcoal or Navy to define and open up eyes. These darker tones also create an illusion of thicker lashes.

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