Get The Perfect Eyes With The Right Type Of Eye-Liner

Eyeliner is used to make the eyes more prominent and create an illusion of thicker lashes. You can achieve a range of looks with eyeliners, so always keep this multi-tasker at hand.

Types Of Eyeliners:

1. Gel Eyeliner: A new entrant in the market, it is thick in texture and is applied with a stiff angled brush. Compared to pencil liners, gel liners are gentler on the eyes as they don’t pull the skin while being applied.

Recommended: MAC and Lancome

2. Pencil Eyeliner: These have been used for long and find favor with a majority of women. They can be powder or wax-based. Use a cream pencil liner as it is easy to apply.

Recommended: L’Oreal Paris, Revlon, ColorBar, Chambor and MAC.

3. Kohl Eyeliner: Kohl is indigenous to India/Asia and has been in use for centuries now. Home-made kohl is the safest option for eye makeup-up. Herbal kohls by Biotique, Himalaya Herbals and Shahnaz Hussain are also healthy. They only problem with kohl is that it gets smudged easily.

Recommended: Diana of London, Chambor and Lakme

4. Liquid Eyeliner: Use it if you want to create a dramatic yet defined look. Not many people prefer liquid liner as it is difficult to apply.

Recommended: Lancome Artliner, Lakme and L’Oreal Paris.

5. Glitter Eyeliner: It is popular with young girls. It comes in a tube and contains chunky, shimmery particles. Use it directly or as a top-up on your regular black liner for a spicier look.

Recommended: Chambor, MAC and The Body Shop.

Create different looks using these different types of eyeliners.

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